Games Done Quick Express is returning to TwitchCon!

Catch some speedruns live from TwitchCon live at the San Diego Convention Center on September 27-29. Over 50 hours of speedrun goodness will be performed live to benefit AbleGamers.

What about the charity?

Improving the quality of life for those with disabilities though the power of video games, The AbleGamers Foundation, also known as AbleGamers Charity, is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is "creating opportunities that enable play, in order to combat social isolation, foster inclusive communities, and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities."


If you are interested in running for GDQx at TwitchCon, submissions are now open on our website. Submissions will be closing on July 14th.

It is acceptable to simply update your SGDQ2019 submission as necessary and re-submit for this event. Runners who are selected for the event will be receiving a free standard TwitchCon ticket in order to run at the event. Do not buy a ticket early, TwitchCon is not refunding purchased tickets for runners.


What about watching in person?
We will have a streaming room just like our other events! Just make sure to pick up a TwitchCon ticket!
Will this be streamed live?
Absolutely, right on our channel, all day and night!
Will there be a need for volunteers?
Possibly. Stay tuned!
What is GDQ Express (GDQx)?
GDQx is our new title for our smaller scale events, allowing us more flexibility and opportunities to try new things
What charity(s) will this be benefiting?
GDQx 2019 will be benefiting AbleGamers.
How is this GDQ Express TwitchCon event funded?
Via our sponsorships, we will be funding this directly, without any payment from the charity.