Games Done Quick

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Awesome Games Done FAQ! If this is your first time checking out a Games Done Quick event (or even if it isn't!), you might be a little confused about all of our resources outside the main stream. Here are some of our most common questions!

Where can I watch the marathons?

The stream is viewable from the Games Done Quick homepage, as well as directly from the Games Done Quick Twitch account.

How do I register to attend a GDQ? Is there a registration cap?

Registration for the event is done through the Games Done Quick website via your profile and will be available a couple of months prior to each event.

There is an attendee cap that is subject to change each event. Please register early in case we do hit it; we will not accept registrations after the cap has been reached.

Please note that we no longer accept registrations onsite.

I can attend, but I'd like some extra information on getting to your event. Where can I find roommates or additional GDQ attendance information?

Additional information on how to attend each event will be on the Attend Page. This will go up when the information is available.
There are additional resources dedicated to Games Done Quick available on the Speed Demos Archive forum dedicated to Games Done Quick.

I want to speedrun at a GDQ! How do I do that?

Anyone can offer to run a game at a GDQ! Please note that if you are under 16, your parent or legal guardian must accompany you to the event.

Several months before each event, game submissions open on the Games Done Quick website and are open for several weeks. During game submissions, you can submit which game(s) you want to run, a video showing off your skills in each game, and you are given couple of sentences to explain why you feel your game would make a good addition to the GDQ schedule.

Once the submission period closes, games are chosen for the final schedule through a multi-step process of elimination. The overall goal is to craft a schedule with the most broad appeal for viewers and ability to draw support for the charity.

Can I request for [specific person] to run [specific game] at a GDQ?

No. Running a game at a GDQ is on a volunteer basis. It is the responsibility of the speedrunner to offer their game(s) for each event. As there are many factors considered when constructing a GDQ schedule, we do not honor individual requests to have a specific game put into the schedule.

How do I volunteer for GDQ?

Volunteering will open after the dates and venue are announced for each event. On the forums, our Volunteer Coordinators will have a form available for you to submit your availability and experience. For some volunteer positions, such as hosting, you may be asked to provide an audition.

How can I find out when registration, game submissions, volunteering, and other resources are available?

We post all of our deadlines and updates to our Twitter @GamesDoneQuick, as well as the forums. Make sure to follow us and check back often!

Where can I find the GDQ schedule?

The schedule will be made available a couple of months prior to each event on the schedule page.

How do I donate?

Information on how to donate will be available on the website and Twitch page during the event. Donations will be processed through our website and all funds will go directly to the charity of choice via PayPal. This allows us to track donations, donation incentives, bid wars, and donation comments!

What is a donation incentive? Bid war? Comments?

Throughout the event we will be having challenges that can be funded via your donations! For examples of past donation incentives, check out the Games Done Quick Donation Tracker. The donation incentives vary greatly, from having runners attempt difficult challenges, bidding to name some of your favorite characters, or even getting into a bid war against other donors!

The bid wars are a donation competition. Some games have been pre-arranged with runners to be decided by donation, while certain run categories, character names, colors, or a wide aspect of game qualities are decided by bid war. The tracker will have a full list of available bid wars and donation incentives at the start of each event.

Donors have the option to leave a comment while donating. We'll try to read some of these comments aloud, process others to the donation ticker available on the Games Done Quick front page, and get awesome messages out there. Unfortunately due to the number of comments we can sometimes get swept up, but we still process every donation incentive, and try to makes as many comments available as possible.

I love GDQs! Is there any place I can watch past marathons?

The two official sources of Games Done Quick VoDs are the Games Done Quick Youtube and

Hey I have an unanswered question about Awesome Games Done Quick, or Games Done Quick in general. Are there any additional resources or people I can ask for help?

The three best ways to seek GDQ help is via the contact page, the Speed Demos Archive forum dedicated to Games Done Quick, and Twitter via @GamesDoneQuick.