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06/25/2018 02:18:14 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Was a great run of Doom (2016)
01/11/2018 02:08:58 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Sunshine runner can choose where this donation goes to.
01/10/2017 23:42:42 +0000 $30.00 Yes
Donating for my favorite series. Send em back to hell!
01/10/2017 12:15:28 +0000 $5.00 Yes
One of the games of my childhood. First time i've ever seen it speedrunned.
01/09/2017 07:22:14 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Love the Resident evil series with my favorite being Nemesis. Had to donate.
07/09/2016 08:25:18 +0000 $10.00 Yes
I have never seen Pikmin being done as a speedrun, looking great so far!

Save those damn animals! Frames aren't needed that badly.. right?
07/09/2016 05:16:35 +0000 $10.00 Yes
One of the best games ever? Gotta donate for that!

Gotta love the great music in this game

Donation to runners choice!
07/09/2016 02:10:59 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Gotta love mario relay races. Donation goes to streambig.nets choice
07/07/2016 02:10:45 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Doom is simply one of the best game series of all time. Part of it cosof its fast gameplay, anotehr part because of its awesome music!
07/07/2016 01:30:15 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Best DOOM tracks are E3M3 Deep into the code and Map 25 Adrians asleep (angry chair). At least for me anyways

You have to wonder where bad folks go after DOOM 2
07/07/2016 01:01:46 +0000 $50.00 Yes
Heres to one of the greatest game series of all time and the runner thats gonna kick its ass!

Probably will be my last donation of the marathon unless i get paid today!
07/06/2016 09:17:22 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Resident Evil 2 was my childhood resident evil game and is probably my 2nd favorite behind Nemesis. Keep it up!
07/05/2016 05:00:13 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Nice to see one of my favorite games being done fast. I am sad that i missed dishonoured though. Good luck to all runners!
07/04/2016 04:47:12 +0000 $15.00 Yes
Blows me away how easy your getting those speedboosts!
01/09/2016 04:44:06 +0000 $50.00 Yes
Just over 24 hours left. We need more time!
Despite not beating the game yet, Majora's Mask is my favourite Zelda game so far. This will be my final donation for AGDQ. Good luck to all runners and lets hope we can make 1 million again! have the runners choose where to put the money towards for the donation goals
01/08/2016 07:53:45 +0000 $5.00 Yes
It still blows my mind how many tricks there are in Paper Mario. Probably my last donation for this evening. Every bit helps so lets get cancer out of our lives!

Donation towards a goal is runners choice
01/08/2016 06:01:55 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Paper mario is definitely one of my favorites. Have 10 dollars to save those animals!
01/04/2016 17:44:28 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Couldnt resist donating a litte more before going to sleep!
01/04/2016 17:23:29 +0000 $5.00 Yes
As much as id like to keep watching carci smash resident evil, its 4 :20AM. Good luck!
08/02/2015 07:24:16 +0000 $2.50 Yes
I have never seen Cronos trigger myself even though i have heard of the name a few times. It makes me glad the first time i saw it it was during a speedrun. The music sounds amazing and alot of effort must have been made to look for glitches and strategies in this game

Shoutouts to all speedrunners who took the time to raise money for doctors without borders!

PS: will the music playlist during the downtime of changing games be released online?
08/02/2015 05:54:42 +0000 $1.00 Yes
Amazing amount of money for such a great cause. Guess this 1 dollar can go to the ballon ending meaning i've donated a total of 16

Will the intermission music between games be put in a playlist?
08/02/2015 05:12:55 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hi guys, been watching since the start of SGDQ and any my favorites i could watch from resident evil 3, to Doom and super mario and its great that you were able to raise so much money for doctors without borders. I made a little money so i though even 5 is still something.

P.S Will a music playlist be released for the music you used during intermission between games?
07/30/2015 16:22:20 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Love seeing any version of Doom 2 being played. It is say theres not that huge of a community for Doom in Australia its always nice to go play with people at PAX AUS.

Will the intermission music between games be released online? There are some tracks i would like to grab!

Good Luck to the rest of the runners in their respective games!
01/09/2015 14:30:22 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Did say last donation was gonna be the last but just couldn't resist, cannot wait for Crash 2 despite being 1:30 in the morning

Greetings from Australia in the future!
01/09/2015 13:26:57 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Last 5 dollars I can donate for this cause
Gl getting more!

Shoutouts to saboom
01/05/2015 22:49:50 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Hey guys its great to see some of my favorite games of my childhood getting done quick, especially Quake II and Duke Nukem. It was interesting watching Dark Forces being done quick

Let's help beat cancer!
01/11/2014 19:26:24 +0000 $5.00 Yes
As much as i wish i could stay up for this, its 6:24am and i cant ruin my sleeping pattern anymore than it already is. 5 bucks can be assigned by donation reader.
Early Sunday mornings from the land down under!
01/11/2014 08:46:34 +0000 $10.00 Yes
All for perfect dark
01/11/2014 08:34:30 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Greetings from Australia!
Its a great thing you guys are doing for people everywhere.
01/10/2014 01:10:44 +0000 $20.00 Yes
thanks to agdq my sleeping pattern is wrecked and im going to miss out on 5 excellent games in a row.
Keep up the good work
01/07/2014 05:41:53 +0000 $10.00 Yes
What was used to run plutonia just then?
01/07/2014 04:32:54 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Looking forward to the level Hunted!
01/07/2014 04:10:13 +0000 $15.00 Yes
15 dollars towards seeing one of my favorites in the DOOM series. Lets raise money for Go 2 it!
01/07/2014 03:23:11 +0000 $5.00 Yes
those map physics on Duke Nukem
01/06/2014 03:58:30 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Greetings from the land down under
Keep up the good work, looking forward to Duke Quake, Doom and perfect dark runs this week.
07/29/2013 04:49:46 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey guys MajorFoley here, its great to see so many people getting together to raise money for a great cause. This is especially a great distraction and good reason to take a break from doing my own walkthroughs. What can i do to see a turok dinosaur hunter and Heart of the Swarm run in the future?
This money can go to whatever the current players feel like.
07/29/2013 03:44:57 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey guys, great to see some many people dedicated to raising money through my favorite hobby, gaming. Put this 5 towards old man river duet and 5 towards saving the animals. What can be done to see a Turok dinosaur hunter speedrun at one of these events?
P.S how do these prize things work?
07/28/2013 05:32:23 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Majorfoley here. Another 10 towards pies choice and i hope i get the n64! Gl in future marathons
07/28/2013 03:18:18 +0000 $2.50 Yes
Hey guys MajorFoley here, every little bit counts right?
Shoutouts to pie and good luck to golden at his SMW run
Put this to whatever you like
07/28/2013 00:19:54 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey guys lovin the work your doing, its too bad i'll be missing one of my favorite game series, DOOM because im going for lunch at my grandmothers. You can put this money to anywhere you guys want. Best of luck

07/27/2013 09:20:48 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey guys first time watching a Live done quick event. please add this 5 to watch me die difficulty on doom 64.
Also for donation prizes whats usually a minimum?
Cannot wait for doom 64 and paper mario!

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