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07/09/2017 04:29:27 +0000 $1,000.00 Yes
Punarm Dyne here. That series of Chrono Trigger puns the other night was just the warmup. So take a deep breath and try to keep count of how many Earthbound-related ones I have for you now as we get ready for the finale:

Hey everyone, did you hear the Buzz Buzz? I've found the location of the loch Ness monster. It escaped towards the Paula ice cap! You might say, "Hey Mani-mani, surely you Jeff!" or "You are a Lier and X. Agerate!"

I hired a Polestar to gather more responses and was surprised to learn that Summer waiting for a more definitive answer so I'll be Starman up there right away to Pokey round because it Onett be dull and the excitement of the adventure overcomes my initial sense of Everdred. But how would I obtain proof? If I had to take the monster by Fourside probably go a little too far but a blurry iMagicant convince them either.

As I made my plans, my boy asked, "How many people will be going?" I replied, "Just Twoson because I need a second Wetnosaur observer, that's how many it takes to Tangoo, and the boat we use to Threed the needle of icy passages will be small. I just need a Carpainter to build it first. If he does a bad job I'll make sure he faces the Musica because even a Minch too wide would be dangerous." He then asked me to bring him back an Itoi so I don't think he really understood was I was talking about but I told him to be good for his Titanic Ant while I was away.

For provisions I'll be packing zexonyte ribs- because we all know they're a little Meteor and quite Tenda- Andonuts even though eating too many will turn one into a tub of Lardna, but we can't risk getting into a major Pirkle or even a little Pincho.

Wish me luck as I Shroom up north because, as Mr. T says, "I fity the Poo who ain't pretty Frank Fly for a white guy, gets all Blue-Blue, and don't get Kraken!" If I succeed, I may return and be treated as a Happy Happy King. If I fail, I will not return a Shattered Man but will be a little more Picky about my endeavors. For now I'd better get Flying Man and remember that Winters never quit.

With that done I'd just like to thank all of the tech workers and runners for a great marathon and everyone who's chipped in to support Doctors Without Borders. Also thanks to Salesforce for their donation matching program as that will double everything I've given within a few weeks.

I put this towards the Favorite Food as everyone in the Let's Race with RPG Maker Mag, Super LP Heroes, and Classic Gaming Grand Prix racing groups knows that everyone's favorite food is Lantis. Even if that doesn't win the bid war, just having this read was worth every penny because the final calculation is around $25 per pun. Good luck to our final runner in the quest to become the third strongest Ultimolce.
07/06/2017 22:45:12 +0000 $300.00 Yes
I Nu you all wouldn't let me down. The couch and audience are always full of such a healthy Zeal. Just one more pun for the road before I Flea:

What did the a fully-equipped Crono say when he defeated Lavos? "Taste the Rainbow!"
07/06/2017 22:33:47 +0000 $300.00 Yes
Hey puwexil and Chrono Trigger fans!

Lucca'll be honest and admit I was afraid I couldn't donate this. I had to Porre over my budget and make sure they weren't going to put a Leene on my

house. Turns out there's Nadia chance even though I'm no accounting Schala. Ayla'll be rooting for you and thanks to everyone who's donated so far

because it's not as if anyone's going to Magus do so. So stay Atropos and have a punderful run.

And one more thing: I'll double this if I can get the couch and audience to give us all a hearty, "WONDERSHOT!"

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