Total Donations: $32,155.18 (33) — Max/Avg Donation: $5,000.00/$974.40

Time Received Amount Comment
06/30/2019 05:21:50 +0000 $1,000.00 No
06/30/2019 00:34:26 +0000 $500.00 Yes
Thanks to all the runners, commentators, and staff for such a great week. You are all awesome! Hype!
06/29/2019 17:54:18 +0000 $1,000.00 Yes
Add Psyduck to the party? Yes please!
06/27/2019 19:48:31 +0000 $1,000.00 Yes
REMATCH! (Hopefully this time with less Poo stomps!)
01/13/2019 05:54:10 +0000 $5,000.00 Yes
Do you smell something burning?
01/11/2019 17:50:20 +0000 $25.00 No
01/11/2019 02:02:19 +0000 $100.00 Yes
Celeste was easily my favorite game of 2018. Always happy to see it run.
01/09/2019 18:08:53 +0000 $30.00 No
01/08/2019 20:47:05 +0000 $50.00 No
01/08/2019 04:34:28 +0000 $250.00 Yes
You let the 8-ball fall. Test failed...

Shout outs to Tonnes. Your Splatoon runs are always great to watch.

Also shoutout to Kimi and anyone else from the InkTV community watching. You are awesome!
01/08/2019 00:22:30 +0000 $575.00 Yes
The Inner Agent 3 fight hasn't been yet met?! We've got to fix that. If you haven't seen this fight before you absolutely need to. Woomy's and Veemo's to all the AGDQ staff!

Also, Spike... This doesn't look like Picross...
10/28/2018 18:33:26 +0000 $1,000.00 Yes
Love me some TASBot. Got to see GrandPooBear and MitchFlowerPower play more Super Mario Bros 3. Hopefully with 100% less broken consoles this time.
10/27/2018 04:34:58 +0000 $100.00 Yes
I really want the Dog ending, but Ecdycis is so great, here's something to help the UFOs.
10/26/2018 19:00:03 +0000 $500.00 Yes
Tails is the best. :D
Oh, the run is pretty good too.
06/28/2018 06:00:25 +0000 $500.00 Yes
Had to donate again for Celeste. This game helped me through some really rough times earlier this year, and I just have to say thank you to the devs for making such an incredible game and for all their support of the community.
Also, 114% at GDQ when? ;P
06/27/2018 03:33:41 +0000 $1,000.00 Yes
I used to have a friend who always voted to Save the Animals. So, just for him, I say...
06/26/2018 17:42:42 +0000 $1,000.00 Yes
SGDQ Attacks!
Excellent Move!
Thou hast done well in supporting Doctors Without Borders.
Thy gold increases by 1000.
01/14/2018 08:56:55 +0000 $500.00 Yes
Been a great AGDQ. Thanks to all the staff and runners for such a great show. Got to throw what more I can to try and beat last year's record and get that last incentive. Woomy!
01/12/2018 19:31:41 +0000 $30.00 Yes
01/09/2018 07:44:12 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Here's one dad who is definitely a totally normal dad and most certainly not an octopus.
01/07/2018 19:55:23 +0000 $5,000.00 Yes
09/02/2017 16:32:01 +0000 $2,000.00 Yes
I am absolutely amazed how quickly you got this event set up and how well it's been going so far. Shout outs to everyone, staff and runners who set this up for such a good cause.

Half of this goes to the Breath of the Wild Master Mode run, and the other half to having Tails in Sonic Advanced. Take that Knuckles. :)
07/08/2017 04:31:32 +0000 $1,000.00 Yes
Hug that Goat!
...Wait. Wrong event.
I mean Save those Animals
07/08/2017 03:50:22 +0000 $50.00 Yes
Hug that Goat!
Wait, wrong event. Save those Animals!
07/06/2017 06:32:07 +0000 $20.00 No
07/05/2017 21:57:40 +0000 $2,500.00 Yes
Curse work meetings! They made me miss most of the Kirby block. Still, glad I could make it in time to see at least some destruction of one of my favorite franchises. Keep up the great job runners. Put this money towards Announcers Choice. Poyo!
01/15/2017 00:57:47 +0000 $100.00 No
01/12/2017 08:06:15 +0000 $1,000.00 Yes
Let 2016 die, at the very least metaphorically.
01/11/2017 21:51:36 +0000 $79.18 Yes
Watching this game is bringing back all sorts of terrible memories from how terrible it is. Hopefully, donating the uneven amount will help share that pain.
01/11/2017 17:03:17 +0000 $4,000.00 Yes
Ori and the Blind Forest is my favorite game two years in a row now. Going to be late for work just so I can watch this amazing run. Keep up the amazing running! Let's break 1 Million.
01/09/2017 23:28:35 +0000 $200.00 Yes
Gotta name Castform Nebby in Pokemon Emerald. Come on guys. Do it for Lillie!
01/09/2016 21:43:57 +0000 $2,016.00 Yes
I've never lost anyone to Cancer, and with this donation, I hope I never have to. Save the Animals!
P.S. I love you TAS Bot!
07/28/2015 02:34:11 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Beep Boop. I'm a Potato.

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