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08/01/2015 21:10:09 +0000 $10.00 Yes
yo Xelna don't worry about luck because you have my boy Patty, The real MVP, there to help you out.

money goes to Patty's Choice
07/30/2015 03:28:18 +0000 $50.00 Yes
my mind is being blown away by this Earthbound run.

unlike previous marathons i cant give quite as much this time round but i figured i would make my one donation for the marathon during a game from my all time favorite series.
01/11/2015 09:23:11 +0000 $65.00 Yes
This my last donation for the marathon having donated more than 20 times at various points in the marathon, this should bring my total to $400.
We are so close again to that million.
every one out there who hasn't donated yet come on help us all out will ya
01/10/2015 16:23:21 +0000 $45.00 Yes
I never got around to donating earlier as I fell asleep but here is the amount I premised way back in Mario Sunshine
01/10/2015 06:10:56 +0000 $5.00 Yes
i will donate $5 for each time the DoDoDo Crew sing along to a secret Shine so its your guys choice you like money right
01/10/2015 03:36:12 +0000 $5.00 Yes
as promised for the sub 2 min Minecart
01/10/2015 02:23:46 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Im not sure I have watched an any% Majoras Mask Run but you have done a great job of showing off this game

01/10/2015 00:02:35 +0000 $20.00 Yes
As always Loving all the Zelda Runs.
been watching the past few days with my close friend and have loved watching you break these games.
Keep Doing what your doing
01/09/2015 23:56:20 +0000 $25.00 Yes
Get that pendant swag, get that princess swag! Save the pixels, they're the only ones that really matter!
01/09/2015 17:53:20 +0000 $10.00 Yes
just realized that people are not clapping as much when large sums are being donated. some one earlier donated over $700 and it was barely acknowledged. come on guys give people props when props are due
01/09/2015 14:32:54 +0000 $20.00 Yes
The best music is obviously the Title Screen Music.
anyway love the run guys keep up all the good work.
01/09/2015 03:03:46 +0000 $10.00 Yes
loving the Arkham city run. Excelent Commentry guys good job.
01/08/2015 23:55:25 +0000 $10.00 Yes
loving the race. The first ever Mario World 2 was 100% by Carlsagan a few marathons ago since then i have always really enjoyed and made an effort to watching them each time.
this donation goes to the accordion% as the world needs to see this.
01/08/2015 00:45:58 +0000 $10.00 No
01/07/2015 18:54:19 +0000 $25.00 No
01/07/2015 05:43:30 +0000 $25.00 Yes
although i have only played 1 fire emblem game i have always enjoyed watching playthroughs. I wish you good luck and hopefully you wont suffer the same fate as the last fire emblem game that was run on a GDQ
01/07/2015 04:21:02 +0000 $20.00 No
01/07/2015 03:53:37 +0000 $20.00 No
01/07/2015 02:30:07 +0000 $5.00 No
01/07/2015 00:05:42 +0000 $20.00 Yes
I cant believe how quick you guys can complete the NES Zelda Games. I thought I was fast beating Zelda 1 in 5 hours but 30 mins is crazy.
Take this money and put it towards the winners choice
01/06/2015 22:11:34 +0000 $10.00 No
01/06/2015 02:24:17 +0000 $10.00 Yes
my word this game and commentary is awesome. If your reading this then STOP and let the commentators continue
01/05/2015 21:22:29 +0000 $20.00 Yes
first donation of the marathon.
i have to say i have loved all the F-Zero representation this year even if i have had to watch most of it on mute while at work
06/29/2014 05:17:59 +0000 $15.00 Yes
OK in my earlier comment i lied here is another $15 for the amazing Super Metroid runs believe it or not first time i have seen the game run
not really know much about FF 6 so put the donation to Zoast and Ivans choice
06/29/2014 01:56:52 +0000 $280.00 Yes
Hi There everyone this donation will be the last donation of the marathon for me bringing my total up to $500.
Despite having to work all but one day of this marathon i managed to watch 55 different runs not including bonus runs.
So glad to have been able to donate and a huge thank you to all of the runners for the amazing runs although I'm not sure my sleep schedule would agree.
i'm putting all of this to Save the animals
i know its slower but they are so cute also if they die then Metroid Fusion is a lie, and we cant have that now, can we?
06/28/2014 22:18:15 +0000 $15.00 No
06/28/2014 17:09:48 +0000 $20.00 No
06/28/2014 15:12:40 +0000 $20.00 No
06/28/2014 00:37:22 +0000 $25.00 Yes
my god so much Mario right now and i love it!
However i also love zelda so come on guys lets get both OoT and Mario 64 120 star run.
06/27/2014 23:43:55 +0000 $10.00 No
06/27/2014 11:08:04 +0000 $15.00 Yes
Hey all. The runs this far have been amazing and its all for such a good cause.
Please put this donation to Bonus OoT Run as you cant get enough of them Zelda Games.
(tracker was playing up and wouldnt let me select it Myself)
06/27/2014 02:46:12 +0000 $10.00 Yes
cant believe I am managing to stay up for this run as it is 4AM in the UK and wont finish till 7am but there is a reason Energy drinks exist
This goes to OoT
06/26/2014 19:00:34 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Loving the run so far Good luck with the remainder of the run
06/26/2014 12:37:03 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Noticed this game on the 3DS E-shop but have never actually been bothered about getting it... Until now Thanks so much for showing us a great Hidden Gem.

Also is 3DS Version slower than the GBC Version?
06/26/2014 00:16:22 +0000 $10.00 No
06/23/2014 21:06:14 +0000 $15.00 Yes
Hey there. had to Donate during Sonic Block and say Gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster.
Also loved the MV strats in Sonic 2 earlier.
06/23/2014 19:24:50 +0000 $5.00 No
06/23/2014 06:26:26 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey Everyone. I Love Pikmin and have been thinking about running the game for a while. Any advise for a new upstart?
06/23/2014 05:00:54 +0000 $20.00 No
06/23/2014 00:02:52 +0000 $15.00 Yes
I just had to Donate due to Some of the Best Games on Super Nintendo
06/22/2014 21:05:42 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey there everyone First Donation ever in a GDQ. I have seen a bunch of the archived footage on Youtube and finally managed to catch one of the marathons live. already planned my sleep schedule for the marathon and hopefully will donate more as we go through.

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