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01/11/2018 00:01:40 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey guys. Thought I'd throw in one more donation! My Uncle recently got through chemotherapy, and was going strong this past Christmas. Everyone was really glad he made it through, and in good health - you guys, this event every year, you help make those stories happen. You're a part of that. You're doing such good work! Keep it up.
01/07/2018 23:56:04 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey everyone. Don't know if I'll be donating all that much this time around, but I gotta try for that plush. :3 Stream quality is great, the UI is snazzy, and the mic schedule is a nice touch. May all your splits be green this week. :D
01/15/2017 05:32:02 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Let the guy sleep.
01/15/2017 04:20:58 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey, I was sort of rushed on that last comment, so lemme toss five more bucks in. I've been watching since the first marathon, and it's still amazing to see how far you guys have all come. It's really heartening to see this community come together to do so much good - and somehow they money never stops rolling in! It's really something, that all your hard work has made. It's really something memorable. Nice work.

Save the animals!
01/15/2017 03:37:44 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Wow. You guys made it over 1 million so quickly...! Great job again, you guys. This has grown so much.
07/10/2016 03:37:59 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Home stretch, you guys! You're almost there! Here's a little more for that encore run! Let's PB this run :D
07/07/2016 19:48:42 +0000 $15.00 Yes
Perhaps the most impressive run is that you all are putting on this show for a whole week. :D Donating my last little bit for this year, keep it up guys! You're over the halfway point, and you're doing great. I'm gonna go buy some shirts. <3
07/05/2016 23:02:57 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Wow. I wasn't going to donate until later in the week, but I'm absolutely floored by that Dustforce run! That was really amazing. And the interview with the Freedom Planet dev in the run beforehand was very insightful. I'm just really, really impressed with you guys. I've been watching since the first and you guys have gotten so good at doing this every year. Amazing work, you guys. Keep it up!
01/09/2016 03:45:55 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Hey. Long-time viewer here. Sorry I don't have more to give this time around, but you guys are clearly doing well for yourselves this year! :D Glad to see things going well, particularly with this Ocarina of Time run. I'm truly impressed by the ingenuity and careful po-fish-ening at work!

PS - Could this run be possible without our scaly friends? I think not. Save the animals!
08/02/2015 01:04:40 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Meant to comment last time, so here's five more dollars - you guys really are bringing it in this year! Good luck to the Super Metroid runners. Shine on, everybody!

(And also, save the animals. Frames don't have souls).
08/02/2015 00:56:42 +0000 $10.00 No
07/29/2015 19:16:15 +0000 $30.00 Yes
Hey guys. Not so much to donate this time around, but I'm glad to see you guys going strong and raising money for good causes. Love the Gunstar Heroes run, can't wait for the Freedom Planet run!

(PS - been watching since the first marathon. Man, you guys have gotten good at this! :D Keep it up!)
01/10/2015 03:36:48 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Had to donate five more bucks for the Master of Minecarts, the Honcho of Honking, the one, the only, CHECKERS! 1:56 HYPE!
01/10/2015 03:13:48 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Hey everyone! You guys have put on a really good show! This and SGDQ have really come a long way, and you guys should be proud. There's been so many stellar runs this year, and the best is yet to come. Keep it up! All your hard work and effort has really made something special.

Best of luck to the Super Mario RPG runner! My childhood game. :) Those plushies look great.

And save the animals! :D
06/29/2014 04:53:21 +0000 $15.00 Yes
Thought I was going to save my last donation FF6, but I want to pitch a little more into saving the animals.

Thank you for everything you've all done. See you next year.
06/28/2014 03:50:22 +0000 $10.00 Yes
I was planning on holding off on any more donations towards the end, but the Super Mario World block has been amazing.

I don't know what you guys are doing to this poor game, but it's hype! Keep it up!
06/27/2014 20:49:28 +0000 $5.00 No
06/26/2014 01:37:50 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Hey guys, still really enjoying the marathon! Keep it up, but, why did you guys decide to run a game about playing as a perfectly normal dad...?
06/23/2014 01:21:26 +0000 $10.00 No
06/22/2014 23:01:43 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey, really enjoying the race! Both the runners are doing an amazing job, and I'm sure the appeal of it will foster further donations.
01/08/2014 22:30:43 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey again! So glad DK64 got onto this marathon. =) Looking forward to the other DK runs, but I think it'll be hard to top the 64 race and glitch exhibition. Those runs were bananas!
01/06/2014 21:40:48 +0000 $5.00 Yes
01/06/2014 00:03:47 +0000 $10.00 Yes
TEN DOLLARS FOR THE FINEST OF BANANA SCRAMBLES! (Hey guys! Loved the race, keep it up! This is already an amazingly successful marathon!)
01/05/2014 21:34:51 +0000 $10.00 Yes
07/28/2013 22:37:08 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Hey! Donating one more time, for the Emotion radio station choice. Also to say that this run is great. Keep it going Adam!
07/28/2013 06:38:43 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Hey everyone! Great to see you all doing this for another year - I'm sure you've been told this before, but you're doing great work here. I imagine it's a lot of effort, so thank you!

Money goes to saving the animals! :D
01/07/2013 00:22:03 +0000 $15.00 Yes
You don't have to say this one on stream, just thought I'd get my big donations in early. :)

Also please put this and my previous donation towards Rayman: Origins? Thanks!
01/06/2013 23:27:35 +0000 $25.00 Yes
Loved the Mischief Makers run. Thanks for organizing all this; I hope it does some good.

Good luck to the runners also. :) Have fun you guys!
10/29/2012 04:09:28 +0000 $5.00 No
05/27/2012 04:19:09 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey. Don't have to read this if you don't want to, it's a bit sentimental. :P May not get another chance to donate, so I'll just say now I'm really glad you're all there doing this kind of thing every year. I think it helps for people to see that generosity is still a thing that can be done, even when times are bad. Keep it up, don't stop doing this. It's a Good Thing, and ya'll should be proud. Guess you've heard that before, and you probably already know anyway. I just wanted to say it, I s'pose. Anyway, looking forward to the rest of the marathon. (Kinda hope I win that Metroid plush, too! :D)
05/26/2012 02:34:00 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Put this towards autism research and Symphony of the Night. Be sure Alucard remembers his Greek gods! :)
05/25/2012 00:32:35 +0000 $5.00 No
05/25/2012 00:29:58 +0000 $5.00 No
01/09/2012 05:44:36 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey everyone, this might be my last donation for the marathon. It's been a blast, and I'm looking forward to the rest of it. Good luck, and take pride in all this; you've all done a lot of good for a lot of people over the past week. :)
01/09/2012 04:34:25 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Show those stairs whos boss, Cfox. c:
01/08/2012 01:51:35 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey everyone! Amazing progress so far, and the weekends not even halfway over yet! Looking forward to more, and put this towards naming Cid pinkiepie. c:
01/07/2012 03:28:51 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey, good luck with the Super Meat Boy run! :D Let's get to 50k!
01/06/2012 00:39:00 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Put this towards Tails in Sonic 3, cheers. :)
01/06/2012 00:22:44 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Put this towards sandopolis with the lights off! :D (And my last name is pronounced "Pay-pee", thanks. 3)
01/05/2012 23:05:45 +0000 $5.00 No
01/05/2012 03:57:34 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Put this towards the fusion dance! :D And fighting cancer.
01/05/2012 03:03:57 +0000 $5.00 Yes
This is for the save in Sluggy's Fort. c:
01/05/2012 01:00:05 +0000 $15.00 Yes
Well, Trihex is making the steam at least 20 percent cooler. :P Probably more. Glad to see the drive doing so well already, looking forward to more!
01/04/2012 23:17:14 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Glad to see you all fighting cancer again! :D I've been looking forward to this marathon; good luck and raise some money!
08/06/2011 23:12:34 +0000 $25.00 Yes
Hey! Last donation from me! You've all done an amazing job, I say. :D Put this toward the Kingdom Hearts 2 race!
08/06/2011 22:39:04 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Race! For great research! :D
08/06/2011 09:21:49 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey, a few more bucks for Aqua in BBS, and autism research. Make sure you get some sleep! :P
08/06/2011 09:08:33 +0000 $15.00 Yes
Hey! Put this down for an Aqua run in Birth by Sleep. :) Keep up the good work!
08/06/2011 04:32:45 +0000 $5.00 Yes
08/06/2011 00:41:47 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Ten dollars towards the weaponless Mirrors Edge run, good sirs and madams! :D
08/05/2011 22:39:56 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Keep up the good work! :D
08/05/2011 05:06:02 +0000 $5.00 Yes
This is for the song.
08/04/2011 21:49:42 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Five dollars for Megaman 9 buster-only, and autism research! Keep it up, everyone!
04/10/2011 06:37:36 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Oh wow. That last race gets an extra donation from me. Incredible job, the both of you!
04/10/2011 03:41:25 +0000 $5.00 No
04/10/2011 00:37:17 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey again! Keep breaking Earthbound! Hope we hit 20k over the weekend. :D
04/09/2011 20:26:57 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey guys! Congrats on breaking 10k, and good luck on the race! Don't get e-coli, guys. ;)
04/09/2011 04:59:20 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey guys, putting in a little more money for the charity. :D Keep it up, you guys are doing great!
04/08/2011 02:59:37 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Hey guys, this goes to kicking Silver in the head! :D And charity.
04/08/2011 01:39:01 +0000 $15.00 No
04/07/2011 20:57:29 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Ten bucks towards singing the ending credits! Keep cheesing the game Molotov! :D
01/11/2011 20:45:33 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Nice. :)
01/11/2011 07:14:01 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Get dancing! :P
01/09/2011 21:26:51 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Hey there. Chipping in another five in the hopes of preventing cancer...and maybe getting a katamari hat. :P Keep going!
01/08/2011 03:28:12 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Here's twenty bucks towards 100 percenting Yoshi's Island! Keep it up!
01/04/2010 10:51:48 +0000 $15.00 Yes
You guys are awesome for staying up this late. :) Go beat Kefka.
01/04/2010 09:16:36 +0000 $25.00 Yes
I meant to suggest another name for Mog. Then I found out how far ahead "Pimp" is. :P Whoops.
01/04/2010 07:29:50 +0000 $5.00 Yes
This is for the opera. X)
01/04/2010 05:44:41 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Riesz for Celes. I too am an SD3 fanboy :) I think that brings me up to $100, haha
01/04/2010 05:19:41 +0000 $5.00 Yes
01/04/2010 05:03:49 +0000 $45.00 Yes
Name Gau Frezy. They're both shirtless. ;) Great stream guys!
01/04/2010 04:00:41 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Name Shadow "Flonne", please. :D
01/04/2010 03:20:29 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Name Locke DIEB please :)
01/03/2010 00:39:25 +0000 $10.00 No

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