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Total Donations: $865.00 (44) — Max/Avg Donation: $50.00/$19.66

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01/13/2018 02:27:25 +0000 $20.00 No
01/10/2018 23:03:31 +0000 $5.00 No
01/04/2016 04:59:20 +0000 $50.00 Yes
My aunt was diagnosed with cancer about a year and a half ago. It should've been a simple operation but by the time the cancer was discovered, it had already spread all over. She passed away this fall.

Early detection would've saved her. It's a very important thing and it's a great cause you guys are supporting. I've been following the event for years but it's more personal this year and I'm glad I can help you guys out. Keep up the great runs and the awesome work.

My aunt loved animals so it's only natural that this donation should go towards saving them!
08/02/2015 01:09:29 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Super Metroid race is always one of my favorite moments of any GDQ. HYPE!
08/01/2015 20:36:09 +0000 $10.00 Yes
This goes to saving the animals despite my girlfriend's wishes to kill them. I love you babe!
07/30/2015 21:39:35 +0000 $50.00 Yes
Megaman HYPE!
07/29/2015 11:58:11 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Remember: SGDQ means saving the animals!
01/11/2015 02:11:23 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Never giving up the dream! Save the animals!
01/10/2015 22:14:31 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Animals must be saved!
01/10/2015 03:36:35 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Sub two HYPE!
01/10/2015 02:49:58 +0000 $20.00 Yes
01/10/2015 00:58:14 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Always glad to see some GDQ fun. I started watching 3 years ago and always look forward to the next event. Keep up the good work!

Oh, and save the animals. I don't think I've seen them saved since my first year, it's about time the poor things caught a break.
06/29/2014 04:15:54 +0000 $15.00 Yes
Do you know how many frames it takes to animate those animals? Just imagine all the frames you're saving by keeping them from exploding with Zebes!
06/28/2014 23:11:07 +0000 $25.00 Yes
I'm always amused at how much kill/save the animals raise. Here's some more to saving them!
06/28/2014 20:02:50 +0000 $15.00 Yes
Can't wait for the Portal runs! Glados hype!
06/28/2014 17:20:26 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Caleb hype!
06/28/2014 14:28:00 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Gotta save 'em all! Gotta save 'em aaaall! Animals! Yay for the Pokemon block!
06/28/2014 00:47:12 +0000 $25.00 Yes
Super Mario Bros. 3 was one of the first games I played as a child. I remember having such a hard time jumping between those two pipes at the end of the first stage... Vicarious vengeance!
06/27/2014 19:03:32 +0000 $10.00 Yes
I wish I could put this toward bonus games and such, but there are just too many people donating to kill the animals. Gotta save the fuzzies!
06/27/2014 00:51:27 +0000 $10.00 Yes
C'mon folks, you know the rule: kill the animals on AGDQ, save the animals on SGDQ. Gotta donate more to save them!
06/23/2014 23:13:44 +0000 $10.00 No
06/22/2014 23:26:18 +0000 $15.00 Yes
So hype for that DKC2 race! Shoutout to Smooth McGroove and his amazing cover of DKC's underwater level theme. And shoutout to Spikevegeta, love hearing you destroy my name every event! <3
06/22/2014 18:40:27 +0000 $20.00 Yes
Awww yeaaah! Took the week off to watch this awesome event, you guys keep doing your awesome thing! Me, I'm gonna get that bid war kicked off with style and put this donation towards saving the animals in Super Metroid. We'll win this time!
01/11/2014 22:36:03 +0000 $30.00 Yes
Wind Waker HYPE! Shoutouts to Cosmo, let him decide where this money goes!
01/10/2014 23:58:03 +0000 $30.00 Yes
We're falling behind on saving the animals here. Gonna need the folks at The Yetee to snipe that one for us again this year!
01/10/2014 14:09:07 +0000 $20.00 Yes
RIP Face McShooty. BibleThump
01/10/2014 12:21:52 +0000 $15.00 Yes
I did not realize the never ending GDQ animal war was this close! It's time for me to do my part to save the fuzzies. Don't even try, speed runners. You kill them a couple thousand times a year. The least you can do is save them on this one day!
01/10/2014 04:53:02 +0000 $15.00 Yes
PC block at night? It's like you guys don't want people to sleep!
Put this donation toward reader's choice.
01/10/2014 01:21:08 +0000 $50.00 Yes
Yay for Starcraft speedruns! Loved the Wings of Liberty run last time, super excited for this one.
Hey Raelcun, Bronze to Grand Master speedrun next GDQ?
Since I was gonna put this towards the Borderland Cosplay goal and that has already been met, let's put this toward reader's choice.
01/08/2014 13:28:59 +0000 $10.00 Yes
This donation goes towards the Borderlands 2 team cosplay, because the entire world needs to see this. Keep on rocking you awesome people.
01/08/2014 03:04:48 +0000 $20.00 Yes
So sad I'm gonna miss most of the Zelda block. Why you need sleep, body? So help me god, I'm gonna be watching this block until I pass out.
You guys keep being awesome at beating games and beating cancer!
01/07/2014 12:17:31 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Yay for AGDQ! This money goes toward the Borderlands 2 cosplay, a goal that NEEDS to be reached.
07/30/2013 03:01:35 +0000 $20.00 Yes
I hope I can stay until the end of this run! Not sure if there's anything left to put this towards to, but if there is, let Cosmo decide where it should go. Once more, everyone involved in this event is amazing, so give yourselves a huge round of applause.
07/30/2013 00:33:41 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Here's some more money for the twins. Hopefully, Final Fantasy can get the most expensive plate of Mac and Cheese ever!
07/28/2013 19:24:49 +0000 $10.00 Yes
We all need to learn from Pokemon. Don't kill animals, stuff them in air tight balls and have them fight for your amusement instead! May this donation help Samus build her own Pokemon roster of saved animals.
07/27/2013 12:26:22 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Weeeeee! Castlevania! Shoutout to Cosmo, who was the one to get me interested in watching speedruns. May this donation help with the rescue of Zebes' wildlife.
07/27/2013 04:37:25 +0000 $10.00 Yes
I can't pronounce this game's name, so here's a challenge! First person to say "prisencolinensinainciusol" gets to choose where this donation goes. If nobody's able to do it, use it to save the animals.
07/26/2013 23:22:14 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Shoutouts to all of you beautiful people. You all rock! May the animals live!
01/12/2013 23:45:29 +0000 $40.00 Yes
I really wish I was filthy rich so I could just double the total sum of all donations. Instead, this final donation will have to do. Really amazed by all the money raised (and still being raised). Awesome job!
01/12/2013 17:04:39 +0000 $10.00 Yes
Shout out to Cosmo, who's stream got me interested in speed runs in the first place. Put this towards his choice.
01/12/2013 01:42:21 +0000 $30.00 Yes
Donation budgets are made to be broken! Let Raelcun decide where to put this because his hair/beard combo is awesome. Oh, and how high is the incentive to get a sweater knitted? ;)
01/11/2013 15:59:31 +0000 $40.00 Yes
One more donation from me for this awesome group of people supporting this awesome cause. Keep it up! Put this money towards caster's choice.
01/09/2013 20:21:53 +0000 $40.00 Yes
Hint for my name: think French. :p Put this towards Cosmo's OoT run or towards saving the animals in Super Metroid if that goal has already been met. Keep up the good work!
01/08/2013 20:47:43 +0000 $30.00 Yes
Awesome job with the marathon folks. Always nice to see cool people supporting a good cause. I'll support two in one with this donation and have it go toward saving the animals in Metroid. Keep it up!

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