Tomlin, Noah (theenglishman)
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01/13/2013 21:44:50 +0000 $5.00 Yes
(theenglishman) I can't stress enough how much fun I had at AGDQ this year. Throwing in another 5 bucks, and also an impassioned plea: please please please PLEASE don't put me in a crap time slot next year! :'(
01/12/2013 21:46:43 +0000 $10.00 Yes
(sung to the chorus of Snake Eater) I give my life, not for Hyrule, but for you / In my time there'll be no Link else / Love, it's the way I'll sail to you~ / I'm sti~ll in a dream, Wind Waker!
01/12/2013 10:02:43 +0000 $10.00 Yes
I am so glad that I'm able to catch this one! Huge shout out to Molotov and good luck. Since singing the Snake Eater theme has already been met, let's put this money towards chanting the Snake Eater lyrics as well, like a William Shatner beat poem.
01/11/2013 18:17:27 +0000 $3.21 Yes
Okay I'll make this an official final donation. Put it towards A Good Day to Live Free or Die Harder with a Vengeance: Game of the Century Edition with Alan Rickman text-to-speech DLC.
01/11/2013 18:14:55 +0000 $3.21 No
01/11/2013 14:46:31 +0000 $30.00 Yes
Here's 30 for Final Fantasy XXVII from Deus Ex: Human Revolution as best Final Fantasy.
01/11/2013 10:49:39 +0000 $10.00 Yes
No fish costume? Reject!
01/11/2013 09:39:20 +0000 $15.00 No
01/10/2013 20:02:32 +0000 $5.00 Yes
if TEM.bManlyTears == TRUE then Steiner = Violet.
01/10/2013 18:54:36 +0000 $5.00 Yes
My life for hire! FLOSS THE ZERG!
01/10/2013 05:41:02 +0000 $5.00 Yes
WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!?!?! (Box glitch)
01/10/2013 01:54:27 +0000 $5.00 Yes
(theenglishman) Here's 5 for Sanic's story for Sanic 06, and to hear spikevegeta yell "I CANNOT CHANGE MY FATE!!!"
01/09/2013 21:49:35 +0000 $5.00 Yes
(theenglishman) Loved those divorce strats in NSMBWii and loving the DKC race even more! Put this (and the previous donation that someone made me choose) towards the TriHard spray for Jet Set Radio.
01/09/2013 20:50:03 +0000 $1.00 No
01/09/2013 20:47:06 +0000 $10.00 No
01/09/2013 16:18:32 +0000 $20.00 No
01/08/2013 18:36:25 +0000 $5.00 Yes
Here's 5 US buckaroos for Arkham City side quests as long as Caleb yells WHERE ARE THEY?! in his best Bale!Batman voice.
01/07/2013 21:00:23 +0000 $10.00 Yes
(theenglishman) I'm currently cowering in the New York Room with a nasty headache and some black coffee, but I hope to rejoin the festivities in time for the Mario block. Anyway, here's some money for Cod of War, aka THE ONLY COSTUME in God of War II. Long live the SwiftFish!
01/07/2013 15:08:36 +0000 $50.00 Yes
Here's a late addition to the family pledge drive from Piera Canella. Since the full Rayman Origins run suffered an untimely death, I will put this towards playing Land of the Livid Dead.
01/07/2013 14:39:05 +0000 $20.00 Yes
CHAAAAAAAAARGE! (Rayman Origins)
01/07/2013 14:15:40 +0000 $25.00 Yes
I have come TOO FAR to fail! (Rayman Origins)
01/07/2013 13:35:10 +0000 $75.00 Yes
Come on, Rayman Origins! You never call, you never feels like I'm the only one trying to make this relationship work.
01/06/2013 18:20:19 +0000 $500.00 Yes
(theenglishman) Another year, another family donation pledge drive! In addition to $22 from myself, we have $20 from Leah Cohen, $25 from Catherine and Louie Delbove, $40 from Brad and Cara Gotkin, $100 from Wendy Kramer, $50 from Janyce Lastman (aka theenglishmom), $25 from Kevin and Kim Leslie, $50 from Anne Morgan, $150 from Linda Perlis and $18 from Sandra Temes. $400 of this is going towards spikevegeta playing Rayman Origins, and the other $100 towards the TriHard custom spray for Jet Set Radio.

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