On-Site Activities

During the event, on-site we have a lot of things to do, scheduled and ongoing! PANELS

Panels are back! Come sit down and learn a variety of interesting things from our panel hosts, or attend the live game shows!

Want to host a panel? Submit your panel idea! Applications are open until June 1st.

Click here to sign up to host a panel!


Tournaments are a constant at GDQ, and this time is no different! However, now we plan on recording the finals of tournaments, so people's wins can be recorded for posterity. You can submit a tournament at any time, even during the event itself if you want to get an impromptu bracket going, but they need to be submitted so we can schedule the room time.

Due to Nintendo's Community Guidelines, unfortunately GDQ does not have a Nintendo license and unable to assist in scheduling or running tournaments for first party Nintendo titles. We apologize for the situation.

Click here to submit your tournament for scheduling!


The Board Game Room is back! Need a nice table to spread out a board game and play with friends? Is it time for mahjong? The board game room is here for you! Open 24/7 during the event! Don't worry if you don't have a game, as we will have a library of them to check out and play in the room!

Please note that due to covid concerns, we will be running board games through a UV sterilizer lamp. This can potentially degrade game pieces, so be advised if you are bringing games that the potential for fading pieces exists.


Tons of TVs ready to be hooked up for gaming, bring your own console and games or ask for one from the World9 desk!


Located in the Practice Room, GDQ presents The Speedrun Gauntlet! Monday through Friday, each day will have a different selection of four games and goals to accomplish as fast as possible! There will be multiple practice setups to practice all those speedrun strats, and one machine where you can compete for the day's leaderboard!


That's right, Kusogrande at SGDQ24, live and in person! Brossentia will be hosting a weeklong tournament! Stay tuned for more info on scheduling and signups!

Kusogrande is a video game tournament focused on blind races of strange or flawed games. We welcome players of all skill levels to join!


Brought to GDQ by Think Quick Events, we will have an on-site escape room! Stay tuned for more info.


Arcade machines, we got'em! Open 24/7 during the event, come down and play some classic arcades and pinball!

Courtesy of Credits Remaining:

  • Jubeat x2
  • FF: Theatrhythm
  • MaiMai
  • Pump It Up
  • In the Groove
  • Groove Coaster
  • Chunithm x2
  • Pop'n
  • Turtles in Time
  • Battletoads
  • Sunset Riders
  • Neo-Geo 4-Slot
  • Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead
  • Galactic Battleground
  • Deathball
  • Nidhogg II