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Upcoming Event Dates

All deadlines end at 11:59PM Pacific Time unless otherwise specified.

  • Summer Games Done Quick 2022

    June 26th - July 3rd
    Benefiting Doctors Without Borders
    Bloomington, Minnesota

    Vaccinations (with proof) will be required. KN95/N95/KF94 masks will be required and enforced in all event areas and on stream. More information can be found on our full Covid-19 Policy!

    Games Done Quick will continue to evaluate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and may adjust our policies or cancel all in-person plans in response to changes in the pandemic's development.

  • SGDQ2022 Attendee Registrations

    Open through May 23rd! COVID-19 Vaccination proof must be supplied no later than this date, via the form on your GDQ profile.

    Hotel rooms are now available! Please check out the attendance guide for info and the booking link!

  • SGDQ2022 Prize Submissions

    Now available!

  • SGDQ2022 Schedule

    Now available!

  • SGDQ2022 Volunteer Submissions

    Off-site submissions open May 23rd - May 29th
    On-site submissions deadline passed

Summer Games Done Quick 2022 Returns - In-Person

For the first time since Awesome Games Done Quick 2020, Games Done Quick will be returning in-person! The event will be once again located in Bloomington, MN.

The SGDQ2022 schedule is now available!

Attendee registrations are open April 18th at 6PM PDT through May 23rd in your profile! The attendance guide is now available, with more information! COVID-19 Vaccination proof form is now available in your GDQ profile. Proof must be supplied no later than May 23rd.

On-site volunteers and runners will be given full refunds if they have registered in advance of acceptance.

Hotel rooms are now available! Please check out the attendance guide for info and the booking link!

In accordance with our stance on safety, SGDQ2022 will be requiring full COVID-19 vaccinations (with proof), as well as KN95/N95/KF94 masks, for all attendees of the event. Social distancing will be practiced in all event spaces. The event attendance cap will be reduced in order to facilitate social distancing requirements.

More details can be found on our COVID-19 Policy page.

Games Done Quick will continue to evaluate the ongoing pandemic, and may change our COVID policy, or cancel in-person plans in response. We will continue to keep the community updated. Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at SGDQ 2022!

Frost Fatales reaches a new Frame Fatales Record!

Frost Fatales wrapped up early Sunday morning on March 6th, with a new record donation total of over $130,000!

Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, runners and donors who continue to help this event grow! Be sure to check back in the coming months for details on the next Frame Fatales event!

If you missed a run or want to re-watch a run you loved, we have a playlist over on our YouTube channel where you can find each run in order of appearance!

Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online is a wrap!

AGDQ 2022 has come and gone, and with it, a new GDQ fundraising record! Over $3.4 million dollars was raised this event for the Prevent Cancer Foundation! We'd like to extend our deepest thanks to the community for their continued support during this pandemic!

Didn't have time to watch all of the event? All of the runs for AGDQ 2022 are now available on our YouTube channel!

We are closely monitoring the pandemic as we plan for Summer Games Done Quick 2022. Please stay tuned for updates on the event!

What is Games Done Quick?

Games Done Quick is a series of charity video game marathons. These events feature high-level gameplay by speedrunners raising money for charity. Games Done Quick has teamed up with several charities in its nine-year history, including Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. We are currently the largest fundraising event globally for both charities!

To date, Games Done Quick has raised over 34 million dollars for charity. We also average over 3000 people in attendance at our events, including staff, volunteers, runners, and attendees just looking to have fun and support the event!

Two Events Annually

Awesome Games Done Quick


2023: TBD

Summer Games Done Quick


2022: June 26-July 3

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