Awesome Games Done Quick 2024

How to Attend

Games Done Quick event attendance is open to the general public. You don't need to be a speedrunner, and you don't need to volunteer! However, you do need to register before the deadline to attend! You cannot register in-person. See below for all the information you need.

Event Hotel Information

Please be mindful of our COVID-19 Policy! We will be strictly enforcing our policy for the safety of all attendees, so please review it before you arrive!

This event will be taking place at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown, located in Pittsburgh, PA. You can book using our group rate via the button in the sidebar!

Do not attempt to book by any other method unless instructed by GDQ staff. In order to ensure a fair and and impartial booking process, attempts to book by means other than described in our guide may result in cancellations, especially if attempting to book rooms prior to block opening.

The event starts at 12PM local time on January 14, and ends early morning January 21 (typically 12AM-3AM). There is a setup/unpack day prior and teardown/packing on the last day. However, various event services, restaurant deals, and materials may not be available outside the main event.


There is on-site parking for 25 dollars a day and 38 dollars overnight. There is also a number of other parking facilities nearby.


The hotel has free wifi provided for our guest rooms. However, we ask that you please refrain from using the wifi for watching the event stream. The hotel will be broadcasting our stream in high quality on all guest room televisions.

The hotel has a fitness room and a large indoor pool.

Safety and Security

In addition to GDQ's own safety staff and volunteers, there will also be a dedicated cleaning crew responsible for cleaning high contact areas. We ask that you help us keep the event clean and safe by making use of our freely available cleaning supplies for your equipment. Any bags left unattended may be removed by security, so do not leave your bags in any event space.


Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown does not have shuttle service. However, there are public transportation options available. From PIT airport, take the 28X Airport Flyer to Liberty and Wood St and walk straight to the hotel from there.

Event Info

Age Restrictions

Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a registered parent or guardian at all times. Parents/Guardians will need to fill out and pay for registration as instructed below. During the process of filling out your user profile, you will see an option labeled "I'm Bringing Children". Select that, and fill out the names of the children you will be bringing, up to a maximum of four per parent/guardian. Children are free under their parent/guardian's registration. Children must wear their child badge (provided during the parent/guardian's check-in at the event) at all times.

Anyone 18 or older must have their own paid registration. They may not be listed as a child under a parent/guardian and any such registration may be rendered invalid.

Children under the age of 5 are not permitted at the event.

So how do I sign up?

  1. Sign up for a Games Done Quick Account (if you haven't already).
  2. Provide your birthdate when prompted.
  3. Head on over to your profile, and create your user profile.
  4. Return to your your profile, and complete the event registration form.
  5. Head back to your profile again, and submit your payment for registration to the event.
  6. Starting November, you will need to return to your profile to complete the COVID-19 vaccination proof form.

Due to high traffic, you may be added to a queue when proceeding to the payment step. Do NOT refresh the page or close the tab while in the queue. The system will process everyone in the order they joined the queue. Once you are through the queue, you will have 5 minutes to complete your payment, if there are any remaining spots open. You will be returned to your profile with confirmation of your payment when completed.

Keep in mind: you can only register to attend for yourself. No one else may register for you. If you attempt to give away, trade, or sell a registration, it may be cancelled without refund. If someone has tried to give you or sell you a registration, please inform Games Done Quick management.

There is a cap of 2500 for this event. We will start at 2400 to accommodate runners and volunteers, and once we have added them to the system, we may open any remaining spots. There will not be a waiting list.

Remember: you have not reserved a spot at the event until you complete payment and have provided proof of vaccination. You will know you're good to go when you see the in your profile!

Note: The checkmark will only appear after vaccination proof processing has opened.

Refunds will be available until registration closes on December 6, 2023 11:59 PM PST.

Congratulations, that's it!

You will receive an email receipt once your payment has been processed, typically within a few minutes. The email will be from Stripe, our credit card processor.

What you get for registering

When you check-in with the check-in desk at the event, you will receive a badge. In order to pick up a badge, you must have a valid government issued photo ID (passport, drivers license, state ID, etc). If you do not have one, make sure to get one immediately, as IDs can take weeks or more to obtain. The badge is valid for the entire event, including setup days. The schedule for check-in will be in our attendee guide, emailed a couple weeks prior to the event.

Event Airport Transportation Guide

There is only one nearby airport (PIT), and there is no shuttle service to the hotel. However, there are public transit options available. From PIT airport, take the 28X Airport Flyer to Liberty and Wood St and walk straight to the hotel from there.