Quick Contacts

Company Twitter Account @GamesDoneQuick

General Inquiries

  • management@gamesdonequick.com


  • press@gamesdonequick.com


  • sponsorships@gamesdonequick.com

Prizes / Sweepstakes

  • prizes@gamesdonequick.com

Volunteer Coordinators

  • volunteer@gamesdonequick.com

Game Selection Committee

  • committee@gamesdonequick.com

Safety Team

  • safety@gamesdonequick.com

Checkin and registration inquiries

  • checkin@gamesdonequick.com


Mike Uyama - Owner

Event planning, scheduling, finances, general business operations. Direct contact for SGDQ2024 event and sponsorship questions. mikeuyama@gamesdonequick.com

Matt Merkle - Director of Operations

Website, event operations and setup, full-time event planning. (On medical leave)

Jason Deng - Head of Broadcast Engineering

Broadcast, Tracker and Website Technologies. Direct contact for SGDQ2024 technical questions.