You can find the show on our official Twitch.TV stream, or simply stop by here the day of the show!


Games Done Quick wants to promote the various communities in speedrunning and get more people involved. We offer up our channel and resources to help communities reach a wider audience.


Our show focuses on spotlighting new and exciting developments in the speedrunning community, so we don't have a regular schedule. However, you can always find our latest confirmed shows coming up below:

  • Saturday - Sunday, Sept 30 & Oct 1 @ 2PM EDT
    Mystery Tournament 11 - Top 8

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How Do I Get Involved?

We're always open to new races and tournaments to spotlight! If you're a tournament organizer, have a special speedrunning segment in mind, or if your game's community is interested in holding a race, send us an email and mention the GDQ HOTFIX in the subject line. Make sure to explain your idea, give an estimate of how long it'll run, who will commentate, etc. The more you can tell us, the better the chances we'll select you for an upcoming show!