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Games Done Quick wants to promote the various communities in speedrunning and get more people involved. We offer up our channel and resources to help communities reach a wider audience.

Get Involved!

If you would like to have your run showcased on hotfix, fill out our Hotfix Submission Form to submit it. If your run is accepted, we will contact you!

If you are a community organizer that wants to have a community event (such as a relay or a game anniversary marathon), or you have an idea for a new recurring show, do not use the form. Send us an email instead, at hotfix@gamesdonequick.com.


We have a number of excellent shows, but make sure to check back regularly, as we're always adding new content to the schedule! Schedule last updated on February 25, 2021.

  • The Bargain Bin (Low Budget Speedruns) followed by “Speedruns from the Crypt” (Horror Games)
    Every other Wednesday at 7PM
  • Challenger Approaching (Challenge Runs)
    Every other Friday at 10PM after Testing Grounds or Game Masters
  • Community Spotlight
    Mondays at 7PM
  • The First Step (Getting into Speedrunning)
    Thursday at 7PM
  • Games Done Classic (GDQ History)
    First Sunday at 4PM
  • Mercy Kill (Rusty Speedruns)
    Every other Wednesday at 7PM followed by Never Before Seen
  • Never Before Seen (Games not on GDQ main events)
    Wednesdays following Mercy Kill at 10PM
  • Random Number Generation (Randomizer Showcase)
    Every other Tuesday at 7PM
  • Season 3 (Open Speedrunning Tournament)
    Every other Sunday at 1PM
  • Speedruns from the Crypt (Horror Games)
    Wednesdays after The Bargain Bin at 10PM
  • Super Boss Brothers (Speedrun Challenge Gameshow)
    Every other Friday at 7PM
  • Game Masters (Speedrunning Adjacent Content), Testing Grounds (New Game Speedruns)
    Alternating on remaining Fridays at 7PM, followed by Challenger Approaching
  • That’s Never Happened Before (Glitch Showcases)
    First Saturday at 7PM
  • Time Capsule (Speedrunning by the Year)
    Every other Tuesday at 7PM
  • Tina’s RPG Show, I Guess?! (RPGs)
    Second to last Saturday of the month

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