Games Done Quick Game Submission Guide

Due to this event being online only, you may ignore anything regarding attendance, registration or travel.

AGDQ2023 Online Game Submissions are now open! Head on over to your profile page to get started.

Upcoming deadlines will be announced on our website and through our Twitter (@GamesDoneQuick)

Recent Changes to GDQ Submissions

We have added a "Original Platform" field to the submissions form. This should be filled in if the console you are playing on is not the one the game was originally released for. Please fill in the original platform. If you are playing on the original platform, just leave this field blank.

Tool-Assisted Speedrun Submissions

Games Done Quick has looked into how we have handled TAS speedruns on our streams, and how we can improve. Our first steps towards this will include the following changes to submissions:

  • Video playback for TASes is now permitted for TASes that cannot be console-verified.
  • TASers should submit individually, rather than jointly. Their runs will be treated individually, like other GDQ speedruns with full, proper attribution.
  • For any TASes that are accepted into the event, GDQ staff will hold a meeting with them to discuss any specific issues or requirements to ensure the best possible experience both for the runners and the viewers.

Games Done Quick is also exploring a free lending library for console verification hardware. We hope this will greatly expand the accessibility of console verification to many more TASers in the community in the future. We will make a separate announcement in the coming months when this goes live.

Runs Featuring Modifications

Please reach out to the Games Committee if your submission requires modifications.

Games Released on/after Submission Period

This only applies to our main events, not GDQx or similar.

We are trialing a new system where runners can now submit new games that were released too late to be submitted in our regular GDQ submission period.

These new games should only be submitted during the additional submission period.

We do not guarantee that we will accept a submission from this secondary period. If that happens we may use backup games to fill the block we have reserved. Submissions during this period that are not new games will be rejected without consideration. We ask that you have scheduling flexibility if you intend to submit for this period.

Alternative Submissions

The Committee would like to emphasize that alternative submissions that aren't purely speedruns are welcome and encouraged. These types of submissions should show a high level of skill. Examples of alternative submissions that have been accepted at past GDQ events include:

  • Clone Hero (AGDQ2020)
  • Stepmania Showcase (AGDQ2016)
  • Tetris: The Grand Master Exhibition (AGDQ2015)
  • Star Fox 64 High Score Challenge (AGDQ2014)

Removal of "Beating the Game" Requirement

With previous GDQs we have generally required that a stand-alone run beat the game in order to be accepted. We have decided to drop this requirement and partial-length or specific time duration categories are now accepted. This does not excuse the runner from the video submission requirements; we still require a completed run of the category you wish to submit.

Examples that these new requirements can apply to:

  • Crowd Control
  • Rhythm Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Bingo versions of speedruns
  • 1cc challenge runs

Where Do I Submit A Game

First, you'll need to make a GDQ account, if you haven't done so already.

Next, you'll want to visit your profile. Everything you want to do with our events can be found here.

If you haven't completed your profile yet, you will need to do that first. Once you've completed your profile, return to the profile page, and you will find the submission button!

What we look for in a run submission

Your run is not only a representation of yourself, but a representation of the speedrun community to a wide audience.

We will take into account the content of the video you are submitting in its entirety. This includes the commentary of anyone featured in it. Make sure to fill out the submission form accurately and appropriately. Inappropriate content in your submission may lead to a denial of your run(s).

When we judge a run, we take several factors into account:

  • Has the runner performed a run at our event before? How did it go?
  • Is the runner's time a competitive time? We look at public leaderboards such as - we may look unfavorably at runs that are far from a world record in time/standing. We also use past GDQ appearances to evaluate a run.
  • If multiple people have submitted a run, is this runner's time the fastest of them?
  • Has the game been in our events or other speedrunning events before? How did it perform there? Is it a crowd favorite (donations / viewers / crowd reception), or does it need to take a break?
  • Has the runner dropped a run unreasonably, or previously been a no-show?
  • How consistent are runs of this game? Can the run be reliably completed, or is there a risk of run-ending bad luck or mistakes?
  • Is the game entertaining by its own merits? Does that entertainment value translate well to a wider audience?
  • If the game is long, such as an RPG, does it have many potential donation incentives? Does it have nostalgia in its favor? Is the gameplay entertaining or exciting? Does it have downtime for donation reading?
  • The run should not be played on unofficial emulators. Wii Virtual Console and the like are acceptable.
  • Does the runner factor in safety of the run? Your route should implement safety measures in case of mistakes (such as safety saves in case of deaths).
  • Avoid submitting solely for a race. Not all games are fit for a race, even if there are many runners available.
For a race, we have additional criteria:
  • Is the game a good fit for a race? Not all games make for entertaining races.
  • Is it possible for the race to be a blowout?
  • Is it possible to recover from a mistake during the race to prevent it from becoming a blowout?
  • Would the setup time for the race take longer than the race itself? This is an especially large factor for 3 or 4 way races. Assume 6 minutes of setup time per runner.
  • Shorter runs that revolve around a single difficult trick or glitch will need to have a high success rate.
  • How much does RNG affect the run? Will it be likely to determine the outcome of the race?

Finally, please keep in mind that anyone who is playing a game on stream, no matter how long or short, must submit to be eligible.

Things to keep in mind when submitting

We can support a maximum of 4-way races. We will be taking into account the technical requirements and the watchability of the race when judging submissions.

Games that have patches affecting their routes, glitches, or tricks may be difficult to include in the marathon. We ask runners to bring their consoles for games that are affected by this.

All participants in a multiplayer/co-op run or race must submit the same game and category!

Your Submission Video must include anything you plan to show off during the event, including cutscenes and text.

Filling out the submission form

Runners will be able to submit their games one at a time during the submission period. Take your time on each submission, and don't worry, submissions will not be accepted or denied until the submission period is over.

If you submit a game, we will send you emails with announcements related to your submission, including reminders of upcoming deadlines. Please make sure to add to your email's spam whitelist.

Runner Information

Stream URL (Twitch / Etc.) - Optional
Provide a full URL, including https://. We use this to verify you are practicing your game. If you provide a Twitch URL, we will use it on our layout during your run. While not required, we strongly encourage you to stream your practice sessions. We may ask you for practicing videos if you do not stream.
Twitter Handle - Optional
If you have one, we may use this as an alternative contact method. Also, our social media team may tweet out your Twitter handle during your run.
Availability - Required
You must provide accurate dates and times of when you are available to perform your run. Please make sure to account for travel to and from the hotel. We use this for scheduling. If your dates change, you must update this information immediately.

If you do not know your availability, put down the dates and times you're planning to attend. You must update this as soon as you have finalized this information.

We will do our best to accommodate runners' schedules for the event. However, the later you provide us with your final availability, the more difficult it will be to work you into our schedule. If you have extremely tight availability, and are slow to update us on your status, we may be forced to drop you from the schedule.

Run Information

All fields are required.

Game Name
This is the full name of the game you are submitting. Use English translations when appropriate.
Run Description
Maximum 500 characters. This is a quick description of your run, highlighting reasons why it would be a good fit for the event. We also would like to hear about significant changes to the route, time, or tricks since its last appearance at an event, and what other participants there are if offering a race or multiplayer run.
Game Console
This is the console you will be playing on. PC, N64, Wii U VC, etc.
You may add up to 4 categories per run. Every run must have at least one category.
Category Name
Maximum of 40 characters. If the game only has one category, just use any%.
Category Estimate
Provide a real life (NOT in-game timer) estimate that starts from turning on the console to your last input. Your estimate should reflect a time in which you are 99% likely to complete the run.
  • Include setup time in your estimate
  • Use your personal best as your estimate
  • Count on succeeding at a difficult or risky strat
  • Assume you will get good RNG or luck
  • Factor in bad luck/RNG into your time.
  • Factor in the potential for mistakes
Category Video
Completed run videos are a requirement with each submission.
Provide a full URL, including https://, to a complete run of this category played by you.
  • Videos of someone else's run will not be accepted.
  • Production values are not important, as long as we can see what is going on.
  • Twitch highlights, YouTube videos, and equivalent are acceptable.
  • Your Submission Video must include anything you plan to show off during the event, including cutscenes and text.
  • This video needs to show a time that is lower than your estimate (as your estimate needs to factor in mistakes and RNG).
  • If your run has inappropriate commentary, we recommend dubbing new commentary over your video.
  • Submission examples would be a personal best or custom commentated run. The committee does not consider one to be better than the other; submit the best showcase for your run.
  • The age of your submitted video is a factor in judging your submission. We have accepted runs with videos as old as two or three years, but that age does not guarantee your submission video is acceptable.
  • If your submission is a special category which cannot be appropriately demonstrated in a completed run video, and aren't sure how to proceed, send an email to with more information. We can advise you on what we would find acceptable for a submission.

Incentive Submissions

Incentives will now be selected separately after games list is published. You may submit incentives at any time, but we recommend doing so before the schedule is released. The following are examples of incentives:

  • Alternate routes/categories that take longer than your submission.
  • Character names (Please include character limits and if possible, what symbols the game accepts)
  • Glitch exhibitions (Make sure it's well commentated and reliable)
  • Different game languages or soundtracks (Suggested only for games where it adds entertainment value)
  • Singing, or other non-gaming content related to your submission

Reminder: If you submit an incentive to us, you are committing to being able to perform that incentive. Not taking this form seriously may result in automatic denial of your submission. If you don't think you can reliably perform an incentive, don't submit it. It is better to have no incentives at all than to submit an incentive you cannot perform reliably.

You've submitted, now what?

As we go through the submission process, we'll update your run(s) to reflect one of these statuses:

  • Pending — Your submission is still in the review process.
  • Accepted — Your submission has been accepted to the event's game list. Make sure to complete attendee registration immediately!
  • Declined — Unfortunately, your submission was not accepted for this event.
  • Backup — Your game will be considered if there is a drop from the schedule. There is no expectation for you to attend, but we really appreciate it if you do.
  • Bonus — Your game may be included into the schedule as a donation incentive during the event. If we have not fallen far behind schedule, we will open up a donation incentive for your game approximately 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. If we do fall too far behind schedule, your run may be cut in order to regain time.
  • Emailed — We need more information from you about this run. Our committee will send you an email when you are given this status, so please check the email address associated with your GDQ account. If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder. If it is still missing, please contact us immediately at and be sure to mention your display name and run in question.

Submitted runs will be temporarily hidden from public view so that the committee has a chance to screen for inappropriate content. Your profile page will show you whether your submissions are publicly viewable. If you make any modifications to your submissions, the runs will be temporarily hidden until they have been screened. Editing a submission will not automatically alter your run's status.

If you made a mistake: You may immediately withdraw that submission and resubmit it, as long as the submission deadline has not been reached and your submission is still pending. Keep in mind there is no undo button for withdrawing a submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm under the age of 18, can I submit a run or attend?

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept game or volunteer submissions for those under the age of 18. You may attend an event for free under a parent's registration if you are under the age of 18.

The age cutoff is determined at the time of submissions or registration, not at the start of the event.

Couch commentary, how's that work?

  • The couch and the commentators are all up to the runner(s).
  • Generally, the GDQ staff tries not to intervene in the couch and commentary decisions unless there is an issue that cannot be resolved by the runners.
  • A total of four people can be mic'ed up for commentary, including runners.
  • In the case of three or four-way races, if there is a conflict on who should be commentating, we will side with the runner majority.
  • Be sure to read the rules, as there are restrictions regarding commentary. These rules may be updated prior to the event, so check back before your run to ensure you're up to date.

So my run was accepted, what now?

The first and most important step will be to make sure you have registered to attend for the event once it is available. We give runners up to the day before schedule release to register, so that we can be sure they intend to follow through with their submission. We will send an email notification out, as well as reminders, so look out for those. As long as your run is "Accepted" or "Bonus", your registration will be free, so don't wait! We will also offer free attendance if your run is "Backup", but we may not issue a runner badge.

Remember: Submitting a game to the event does NOT automatically register you to attend!

Always check your email! We do occasionally send emails out to runners with information or questions!

Next, make sure to submit any incentives you want considered for your run. The incentive submission form will be live in your game submission list.

Practice! It's a long time until your run happens, so the best thing you can do is to practice. And don't forget, practice doesn't just mean your game. Try practicing your commentary as well, if you will be the primary commentator for your run. The runs with the best commentary are typically ones that have been practiced well at home!

We reserve the right to pull any run, runner, or commentator at our discretion.