AGDQ2019 Games List

Below is the current games list, sorted by game name. The list will change if runners drop before the event.

This list only contains runs with an accepted OR bonus category. If you wish to see which runs are on backup, please check out the submissions page. The total runtime does not account for races, and so will be higher than the final scheduled runtime.


If you have a run (accepted/bonus/backup) for GDQx, please keep an eye out for an email Sunday (July 29th). We will be sending out an email with GDQx details and a form for registering for the event, which you must read and respond to.

If you do not see an email by Monday (July 30th) night, please send an email to Failure to read and complete the form by Sunday, August 5th will result in your run being dropped from the event!

Total Runtime: 00:00:00

Runner Game Name / Console Accepted Categories