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Name Players Description Start Time Run Time Bid Wars
Pre-Show Cool Things Tech Crew 2019-09-27T13:30:00-04:00 0:20:00 No
Celeste Any% Chaikitty, TGH 2019-09-27T13:51:00-04:00 0:32:07 No
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Any% No Major Glitches Kenhie 2019-09-27T14:33:00-04:00 0:59:11 No
Luigi's Mansion Any% CLG Linkus7 2019-09-27T15:43:00-04:00 0:11:52 No
Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled All Cups ViolinGamer 2019-09-27T16:07:00-04:00 1:12:50 Yes
Marvel's Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC - Ultimate Difficulty JHobz 2019-09-27T17:32:00-04:00 0:30:55 Yes
Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition Dante New Game Normal Waifu_ 2019-09-27T18:13:00-04:00 1:15:19 Yes
Super Mario World Lunar Dragon mystakin 2019-09-27T19:41:00-04:00 1:37:40 No
Super Ryu World 2 100% ryukahr 2019-09-27T21:33:00-04:00 0:27:43 Yes
Cadence of Hyrule Yves SpootyBiscuit 2019-09-27T22:16:00-04:00 0:31:17 Yes
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 100% NMG Live Musical Showcase (Co-Op) megmacattack, mustbetuesdaymusic 2019-09-27T23:15:00-04:00 1:17:12 Yes
Streets of Rage 2 Mania Anthopants 2019-09-28T00:51:12-04:00 0:46:45 No
Rage 2 Any% danejerus 2019-09-28T01:55:57-04:00 1:38:11 Yes
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division any% pmcTRILOGY 2019-09-28T03:43:08-04:00 0:44:02 No
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis All Bosses WOLFDNC 2019-09-28T04:37:10-04:00 0:56:35 No
Silent Hill: Homecoming any% tekkie 2019-09-28T05:50:10-04:00 0:50:57 No
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary Any% No Bug Jump Beckski93 2019-09-28T06:51:07-04:00 0:31:42 No
Flashback: The Quest for Identity Any% Brandooates 2019-09-28T07:47:07-04:00 0:29:25 No
Jurassic Park Any% Grant Brandooates 2019-09-28T08:25:07-04:00 0:06:25 No
Legend of Hero Tonma Any% LattMackey 2019-09-28T08:41:07-04:00 0:07:13 No
Rambo any% Brossentia 2019-09-28T09:02:07-04:00 0:22:27 No
The Last Ninja Any% JSR_ 2019-09-28T09:38:07-04:00 0:09:44 No
Fester's Quest Any% JSR_ 2019-09-28T09:55:07-04:00 0:18:12 No
The Legend of Zelda Swordless JSR_, rooslugs 2019-09-28T10:30:07-04:00 0:42:11 Yes
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Fighter Mode All Bosses darrenville 2019-09-28T11:24:07-04:00 0:37:45 No
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Custom Knight Any% MunchaKoopas 2019-09-28T12:17:07-04:00 0:37:40 Yes
Dead Cells Any% RhinoG, Rockstomb 2019-09-28T13:17:07-04:00 0:11:57 No
Katana Zero any% Action only RhinoG 2019-09-28T13:42:07-04:00 0:18:49 No
Super Punch-Out!! Any% Hootey, zallard1 2019-09-28T14:27:00-04:00 0:19:01 Yes
Super Mario Bros. Warpless SuperSonic71087, Tecate 2019-09-28T15:06:00-04:00 0:20:14 No
Super Mario Bros Any% SuperSonic71087, Tecate 2019-09-28T15:53:00-04:00 0:05:06 Yes
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Warpless D-4 (Mario) Picante 2019-09-28T16:16:00-04:00 0:39:03 No
Pokemon White 2 Challenge Mode PulseEffects 2019-09-28T17:16:00-04:00 3:40:17 Yes
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Randomizer CLG Linkus7, gymnast86 2019-09-28T21:22:00-04:00 1:58:32 No
Bloodborne All Bosses Ahady 2019-09-28T23:53:00-04:00 1:17:24 Yes
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Shura Unrestricted (Any%) LilAggy 2019-09-29T01:55:24-04:00 0:26:20 Yes
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door All Crystal Stars Yoshi_Zilla 2019-09-29T02:37:44-04:00 3:55:46 Yes
Katamari Damacy: Reroll Any% Mr_Shasta 2019-09-29T06:45:30-04:00 0:34:28 Yes
NiGHTS into Dreams HD All Levels Imaginary Inkorporated 2019-09-29T07:34:30-04:00 0:27:58 No
Spark The Electric Jester 2 any% no ELE FunkMastaDre 2019-09-29T08:15:30-04:00 0:28:19 No
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD All Goals (No DLC) Biglaw 2019-09-29T08:53:30-04:00 0:24:20 Yes
Shrek 2 Any% Cynaschism 2019-09-29T09:35:30-04:00 0:23:46 No
Return to Zork Any% Lizstar 2019-09-29T10:14:30-04:00 0:22:16 No
Human: Fall Flat Any% Retr0virus11 2019-09-29T10:47:30-04:00 0:10:07 No
Irritating Stick Any% PeteDorr 2019-09-29T11:13:30-04:00 0:10:57 No
Mawaza Any% PeteDorr 2019-09-29T11:34:30-04:00 0:16:02 Yes
Muscle March Village tekkie 2019-09-29T12:01:30-04:00 0:04:32 No
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shrine Rush Orcastraw 2019-09-29T12:20:30-04:00 1:28:04 No
Tetris Attack VHard% one handed Edobean 2019-09-29T14:09:00-04:00 0:12:37 No
Tetris 99 Battle Royale Showcase HardDrop 2019-09-29T14:39:00-04:00 0:21:36 Yes
Super Mario 64 Randomizer 70 Star 360Chrism 2019-09-29T15:25:00-04:00 2:46:10 Yes
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Any% Yoshi_Zilla 2019-09-29T18:26:00-04:00 0:32:03 No
Resident Evil 2 (2019) Leon A Standard Hazeblade 2019-09-29T19:16:00-04:00 0:58:17 Yes
Finale THE END Tech Crew 2019-09-29T20:21:00-04:00 0:10:00 No

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