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Name Players Description Start Time Run Time Bid Wars
psychonauts SMK PC version. 2012-01-04T17:00:00-05:00 0 Yes
portal 2 ShadowWraith, and romscout co-op 2012-01-04T18:36:00-05:00 0 No
super mario world 2: yoshi's island Tri-Hex 100% 2012-01-04T20:00:00-05:00 0 Yes
yoshi's story Neskamikaze 2012-01-04T23:23:00-05:00 0 Yes
deus ex: human revolution Carcinogen 2012-01-04T23:54:00-05:00 0 No
vanquish Trekhaak normal difficulty 2012-01-05T01:55:00-05:00 0 Yes
shinobi ps2 UltraJMan 2012-01-05T02:03:00-05:00 0 No
metal gear solid: the twin snakes Caleb Hart 2012-01-05T04:38:00-05:00 0 Yes
resident evil 4 Theenglishman 2012-01-05T06:05:00-05:00 0 Yes
remake Carcinogen Character choice between Chris and Jill. 2012-01-05T08:14:00-05:00 0 Yes
god hand Molotov Easy mode. Donations for Hard New Game+? 2012-01-05T10:11:00-05:00 0 Yes
toejam and earl Peaches_ Fixed world 2012-01-05T12:10:00-05:00 0 Yes
kid chameleon PEACHES_ 4 boss run 2012-01-05T12:41:00-05:00 0 No
strider ZakkyDraggy 2012-01-05T13:15:00-05:00 0 No
shinobi iii Mike Uyama 2012-01-05T13:30:00-05:00 0 No
ninja gaiden (nes) Sinister1, and UltraJMan Race. Donations for sword-only run. 2012-01-05T15:35:00-05:00 0 Yes
ninja gaiden 3 UraniumAnchor 2012-01-05T15:57:00-05:00 0 No
tmnt iv: turtles in time Mike Uyama, and Sinister1 Co-op. Donations for character choices. 2012-01-05T16:22:00-05:00 0 Yes
battletoads PJ No warps. 2012-01-05T16:55:00-05:00 0 Yes
pole's big adventure UltraJMan Run of the century 2012-01-05T17:43:00-05:00 0 No
sonic 1 Naegleria 2012-01-05T18:48:00-05:00 0 No
sonic 2 Mike89 Partner choice for donations 2012-01-05T19:16:00-05:00 0 Yes
sonic 3 & knuckles Mike89 Character choice for donations. 2012-01-05T19:44:00-05:00 0 Yes
sonic spinball Mike89 Mike89 - SMK is sad. 2012-01-05T20:45:00-05:00 0 No
sonic adventure 2 Yoshifan, and Psyknux Race. 2012-01-05T21:14:00-05:00 0 Yes
mega man 2 Cyghfer 2012-01-05T22:22:00-05:00 0 Yes
mega man 3 Tiki 2012-01-05T23:01:00-05:00 0 Yes
mega man 9 Duckfist Duckfist 2012-01-05T23:49:00-05:00 0 No
mega man 10 Duckfist Donations for Mega Man or Bass 2012-01-06T00:35:00-05:00 0 Yes
mega man x Tiki, and Caleb Hart Race. Donations for low% or 100%. 2012-01-06T01:26:00-05:00 0 Yes
mega man x2 Tiki any% 2012-01-06T02:09:00-05:00 0 No
commander keen iv: secret of the oracle Cosmo 2012-01-06T02:28:00-05:00 0 No
duke nukem neskamikaze This would be interesting; if nothing else 2012-01-06T02:44:00-05:00 0 No
mega man x6 Satoryu 8-boss run. 2012-01-06T02:51:00-05:00 0 No
duke nukem 3d LLCoolDave Episodes 1-3 (i.e. the main game; no add-on) 2012-01-06T02:55:00-05:00 0 No
lagoon PJ Start of Awful Games Done Quick. 2012-01-06T04:00:00-05:00 0 Yes
sub-terrania Mike Uyama Mike Uyama 2012-01-06T05:55:25-05:00 0 No
lawnmower man PJ, and Pootrain Co-op run 2012-01-06T06:11:00-05:00 0 No
bubsy 3d UltraJMan 2012-01-06T06:50:00-05:00 0 Yes
trio the punch ZakkyDraggy, and Tigger77 Race. 2012-01-06T07:53:00-05:00 0 No
bad street brawler Funkdoc 2012-01-06T08:31:00-05:00 0 Yes
deadly towers Feasel End of Awful Games Done Quick 2012-01-06T09:03:00-05:00 0 No
gauntlet Feasel 2012-01-06T10:01:00-05:00 0 No
bubble bobble Arrow Bad ending vs. Good Ending donation war 2012-01-06T10:28:00-05:00 0 Yes
bionic commando Feasel 2012-01-06T11:30:00-05:00 0 No
rescue rangers Feasel 2012-01-06T11:52:00-05:00 0 Yes
blaster master UraniumAnchor Possible no-grenades challenge on some bosses 2012-01-06T12:07:00-05:00 0 Yes
mike tyson's punch-out Sinister1 Donations for blindfolded Punch-Out 2012-01-06T13:05:00-05:00 0 Yes
super punch-out Heidman 2012-01-06T13:46:00-05:00 0 No
quake Lag.Com Donations for the secret levels 2012-01-06T15:22:00-05:00 0 Yes
blast corps PEACHES_ PEACHES_ - One-handed! 2012-01-06T15:59:00-05:00 0 No
half-life Droogie Hard difficulty 2012-01-06T16:33:00-05:00 0 No
mirror's edge Cody Miller, and ddaanniieell 360 version. race 2012-01-06T17:36:00-05:00 0 Yes
halo reach Cody Miller Legendary difficulty. 2012-01-06T19:02:00-05:00 0 No
super meat boy Breakdown Dark world ending. Donations for other levels. 2012-01-06T22:16:00-05:00 0 Yes
super mario bros. andrewg + Blindfold Run 2012-01-07T00:10:00-05:00 0 No
super mario world/lost levels andrewg bidding war for the two 2012-01-07T00:22:00-05:00 0 Yes
super mario bros. 3 tjp7154 100%. Donations for small mario-only. 2012-01-07T00:38:00-05:00 0 Yes
devil may cry Breakdown New Game+ Dante Must Die! 2012-01-07T02:20:00-05:00 0 Yes
bayonetta Flicky 2012-01-07T04:21:00-05:00 0 No
demon's crest theseawolf1 theseawolf1 - Added by Donation, 100% Good 2012-01-07T07:36:00-05:00 0 No
ghosts 'n goblins Kareshi 2012-01-07T08:37:00-05:00 0 No
super ghouls 'n ghosts PJ, and kareshi 2012-01-07T09:31:00-05:00 0 No
castlevania Funkdoc 2012-01-07T10:18:00-05:00 0 No
castlevania iii Funkdoc 2012-01-07T10:47:00-05:00 0 Yes
castlevania iv Funkdoc 2012-01-07T11:32:00-05:00 0 No
castlevania: aria of sorrow Dragondarch Julius Mode. Donations for any% or all bosses. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
castlevania: symphony of the night MechaRichter All bosses. Donations determine Richter or Alucard. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
double dragon 2 Mike Uyama, Sinister1, Jprophet22, and Heidman Co-op race. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
metroid zero mission Dragondarch 100% 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
super metroid UraniumAnchor any% 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
zelda 1 Breakdown, and Jprophet22 Race. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
final fantasy vii part 1 puwexil Disc 1. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
donkey kong country 2 Twig Twig 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
zelda: ocarina of time Cosmo MST run. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
zelda: majora's mask Runnerguy2489 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
demon's souls Molotov 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
super mario rpg Cyghfer 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
kirby's avalanche Cyghfer 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
contra Heidman Donations for category. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
super c Heidman Donations for category. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
contra iii Mr. K, and Hurblat co-op. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
kirby and the amazing mirror Sir VG, yoshifan, romscout, and SMK co-op 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
kirby super star ultra romscout Metaknightmare mode 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
pokemon red or blue Mike89 no/low-glitch run. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
zelda: oracle of seasons/link's awakening dx Tompa/Tigger77 bidding war for the two 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
zelda: a link to the past Cyghfer jp version 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
earthbound Mickey Mage Glitch run 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
super mario 64 Cfox7 70-star 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
super mario galaxy Yoshifan 61-star as Luigi 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
super monkey ball Cosmo Time is to account for master levels 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
prince of persia UraniumAnchor 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
serious sam: the second encounter moooh Tourist difficulty. Will hopefully go up later. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
iji LLCoolDave Highest donor gets their name mentioned in Remar's newest game; Hyper Princess Pitch! 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
magicka Lag, ShadowWraith, romscout, and moooh 4-player co-op. At least; co-op is what they claim. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
unreal ShadowWraith 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
system shock 2 PEACHES_ not impossible difficulty 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
tony hawk's pro skater Pootrain 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
tony hawk's pro skater 2 Neskamikaze 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
tony hawk's pro skater 3 Neskamikaze 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
sunset riders Mike Uyama Donations for character choice. Possibly low%. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
metal slug x Mike Uyama Donations for character choice. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
metal slug 3 Mike Uyama Donations for character choice. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
bomberman 64 Animeowzerz 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
we <3 katamari Arrow Donations for which song is played in the longest stage. 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
prince of persia: sands of time Mike Uyama 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes
shadow of the colossus Naegleria Time Attack mode 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 No
final fantasy vii part 2 puwexil Discs 2 and 3 2012-01-07T12:15:00-05:00 0 Yes

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