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Name Players Description Start Time End Time Bid Wars
okami hd ScintilliaSD new game+ 2013-07-25T13:00:00-05:00 2013-07-25T15:12:00-05:00 No
donkey kong country returns spikevegeta any% 2013-07-25T15:12:00-05:00 2013-07-25T16:57:00-05:00 No
donkey kong land Wawlconut #thelandisfreed 2013-07-25T16:57:00-05:00 2013-07-25T17:37:00-05:00 No
metal gear solid Slade Extreme 2013-07-25T17:37:00-05:00 2013-07-25T19:42:00-05:00 Yes
resident evil: code veronica x hd Carcinogen 2013-07-25T19:42:00-05:00 2013-07-25T21:52:00-05:00 No
amnesia: the dark descent AdamAK Donations for Amnesia: Justine 2013-07-25T21:52:00-05:00 2013-07-25T22:57:00-05:00 No
hotline miami Duke Bilgewater ng+. donations for DLC level, "blind" 2013-07-25T22:57:00-05:00 2013-07-25T23:30:00-05:00 Yes
luigi's mansion bonesaw577 100% 2013-07-25T23:30:00-05:00 2013-07-26T00:56:00-05:00 Yes
catechumen PEACHES_ 2013-07-26T00:56:00-05:00 2013-07-26T02:06:00-05:00 No
quest 64 PEACHES_ and KirkQ Japanese version. Blooper race of the century! 2013-07-26T02:06:00-05:00 2013-07-26T04:19:20-05:00 No
e.v.o. the search for eden Darkwing Duck donations for evolution choice 2013-07-26T04:19:20-05:00 2013-07-26T05:29:20-05:00 Yes
spyro 2: ripto's rage Spudlyman 100%. Donations for Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly glitched run by Omegagalax. 2013-07-26T05:29:20-05:00 2013-07-26T08:04:20-05:00 Yes
spider-man Bonesaw577 Possible donation war with the second game. 2013-07-26T08:04:20-05:00 2013-07-26T09:08:00-05:00 No
Nier Omnigamer 2013-07-26T09:08:00-05:00 2013-07-26T12:46:00-05:00 Yes
batman Josh the Funkdoc 2013-07-26T12:46:00-05:00 2013-07-26T13:03:00-05:00 Yes
vice: project doom Josh the Funkdoc 2013-07-26T13:03:00-05:00 2013-07-26T13:24:00-05:00 No
holy diver Josh the Funkdoc 2013-07-26T13:24:00-05:00 2013-07-26T14:04:00-05:00 No
ecco: tides of time BlueGlass Donations for Hard mode 2013-07-26T14:04:00-05:00 2013-07-26T15:37:00-05:00 Yes
sonic the hedgehog Naegleria It's single-player so Celise can't upstage him. 2013-07-26T15:37:00-05:00 2013-07-26T16:05:00-05:00 No
sonic the hedgehog (sms) AdamAK 2013-07-26T16:05:00-05:00 2013-07-26T16:28:00-05:00 Yes
george foreman's ko boxing AdamAK Just wait 2013-07-26T16:28:00-05:00 2013-07-26T16:44:00-05:00 No
sonic adventure dx Marche_Fighter_Paladin Donation incentive for Amy's story 2013-07-26T16:44:00-05:00 2013-07-26T18:15:00-05:00 Yes
mega man 8 Obdajr Donations for cutscenes 2013-07-26T18:15:00-05:00 2013-07-26T19:27:00-05:00 Yes
mega man x4 sneakytdkninja Zero 100%. Donations for "the cutscene." 2013-07-26T19:27:00-05:00 2013-07-26T20:12:00-05:00 Yes
mega man x5 or x6 bid war Sneakytdkninja or Romscout Bid for Sneaky playing X5 or Romscout playing X6. 2013-07-26T20:12:00-05:00 2013-07-26T21:20:00-05:00 Yes
rockman 4: minus infinity duckfist 2013-07-26T21:20:00-05:00 2013-07-26T22:34:00-05:00 Yes
tower of heaven Uraniumanchor 2013-07-26T22:34:00-05:00 2013-07-26T22:47:00-05:00 No
street fighter x mega man thadarkman78 2013-07-26T22:47:00-05:00 2013-07-26T23:36:00-05:00 No
rosenkreuzstilette/ freudenstachel hagspam Donation war between the two games. 2013-07-26T23:36:00-05:00 2013-07-27T00:21:00-05:00 Yes
super house of dead ninjas iongravirei Donations for costume - Hot Pink, Yae, and Pepsiman colors. 2013-07-27T00:21:00-05:00 2013-07-27T00:44:00-05:00 Yes
oddworld: stranger's wrath Studio 2013-07-27T00:44:00-05:00 2013-07-27T02:30:00-05:00 Yes
diddy kong racing Toufool31 donations for glitched run 2013-07-27T02:30:00-05:00 2013-07-27T03:41:00-05:00 Yes
crash team racing Wawlconut Donations for Coco or N.gin 2013-07-27T03:41:00-05:00 2013-07-27T04:49:00-05:00 Yes
wario world Omegagalax 2013-07-27T04:49:00-05:00 2013-07-27T05:58:00-05:00 No
dr. mario 64 Essentia and neskamikaze 2013-07-27T05:58:00-05:00 2013-07-27T06:44:00-05:00 Yes
castlevania: harmony of dissonance Marche_Fighter_Paladin Maxim all bosses. Donation incentive for Maxim any% run. 2013-07-27T06:44:00-05:00 2013-07-27T07:04:00-05:00 Yes
castlevania: order of ecclesia romscout Dawn vs. Portrait vs. Order 2013-07-27T07:04:00-05:00 2013-07-27T08:29:00-05:00 Yes
castlevania 64 Cosmo Carrie race 2013-07-27T08:29:00-05:00 2013-07-27T09:30:00-05:00 Yes
double dragon ii: the revenge Sinister1 Super ultra secret donation incentive 2013-07-27T09:30:00-05:00 2013-07-27T09:57:00-05:00 Yes
bionic commando Feasel 2013-07-27T09:57:00-05:00 2013-07-27T10:21:00-05:00 Yes
ninja gaiden Duckfist and Sinster1 You guys donated for this race! 2013-07-27T10:21:00-05:00 2013-07-27T10:41:00-05:00 No
crystalis Uraniumanchor and Dragondarch race 2013-07-27T10:41:00-05:00 2013-07-27T11:59:00-05:00 Yes
zelda ii: the adventure of link Feasel Donations for file name 2013-07-27T12:48:00-05:00 2013-07-27T14:18:00-05:00 Yes
The Legend of Zelda Darkwing Duck 2013-07-27T13:10:00-05:00 2013-07-27T13:55:00-05:00 Yes
super dodge ball Feasel and Darkwing Duck race 2013-07-27T14:18:00-05:00 2013-07-27T14:31:00-05:00 Yes
castlevania: symphony of the night MechaRichter and romscout Richter any% by Mecha, Pacifist/level 1 run by rom 2013-07-27T14:31:00-05:00 2013-07-27T16:06:00-05:00 No
metroid Dragondarch 100% 2013-07-27T16:06:00-05:00 2013-07-27T17:03:00-05:00 Yes
metroid fusion kirbymastah 100% 2013-07-27T17:03:00-05:00 2013-07-27T19:07:00-05:00 Yes
doom 64 PEACHES_ Donations for Watch Me Die difficulty 2013-07-27T19:07:00-05:00 2013-07-27T20:23:00-05:00 Yes
pilotwings 64 Graviton 2013-07-27T20:23:00-05:00 2013-07-27T21:12:00-05:00 No
paper mario iateyourpie All Cards 2013-07-27T21:12:00-05:00 2013-07-28T01:07:00-05:00 Yes
final fantasy v puwexil Translated SFC version. Donations for Butz's name and the Gilgamesh fights. 2013-07-28T01:07:00-05:00 2013-07-28T06:07:00-05:00 Yes
secret of evermore Metasigma Donations for character and dog name. 2013-07-28T06:07:00-05:00 2013-07-28T07:52:00-05:00 Yes
the addams family: pugsley's scavenger hunt johannhowitzer 2013-07-28T07:52:00-05:00 2013-07-28T08:27:00-05:00 No
hagane Omnigamer 2013-07-28T08:27:00-05:00 2013-07-28T09:15:00-05:00 No
plok MechaRichter and Countdown42 race 2013-07-28T09:15:00-05:00 2013-07-28T10:08:00-05:00 No
ranger-x Naegleria Donations for Heavy difficulty 2013-07-28T10:08:00-05:00 2013-07-28T10:34:00-05:00 Yes
goldeneye Bassboost 2013-07-28T10:34:00-05:00 2013-07-28T11:03:00-05:00 No
comix zone MechaRichter Let the rage flow 2013-07-28T11:03:00-05:00 2013-07-28T11:34:00-05:00 Yes
bible adventures Brossentia 2013-07-28T11:34:00-05:00 2013-07-28T11:37:00-05:00 No
teenage mutant ninja turtles Feasel 2013-07-28T11:37:00-05:00 2013-07-28T12:09:00-05:00 No
teenage mutant ninja turtles iii: the manhattan project PJ and Mecha Richter co-op, as much as PJ and Mecha Richter can cooperate. 2013-07-28T12:09:00-05:00 2013-07-28T12:53:06-05:00 No
double dragon: neon MURPHAGATOR! Donations for fuzzface! 2013-07-28T12:53:06-05:00 2013-07-28T13:50:00-05:00 Yes
mighty final fight MURPHAGATOR! Chibi Haggar! 2013-07-28T13:50:00-05:00 2013-07-28T14:14:00-05:00 No
Pokemon Leaf Green MexiricanBassMonkey Donations for which game is played. 2013-07-28T14:14:00-05:00 2013-07-28T17:00:00-05:00 Yes
grand theft auto: vice city AdamAK Blooper% Donations for radio station 2013-07-28T17:00:00-05:00 2013-07-28T19:34:00-05:00 Yes
Zelda: A Link to the Past Jadin 2013-07-28T20:00:00-05:00 2013-07-28T21:45:00-05:00 Yes
super metroid zoast Donate for D e e R F o r C e category 2013-07-28T22:00:00-05:00 2013-07-28T23:29:55-05:00 Yes
super mario 64 Siglemic 70 star; donations for 16-star run. 2013-07-28T23:29:55-05:00 2013-07-29T00:50:58-05:00 Yes
super mario bros. Kosmicd12 warpless 2013-07-29T00:50:58-05:00 2013-07-29T01:24:00-05:00 Yes
super mario world Go1den Donation goal for all moons, dragon coins, and exits. 2013-07-29T01:24:00-05:00 2013-07-29T03:28:00-05:00 Yes
super mario sunshine Toufool31 2013-07-29T03:28:00-05:00 2013-07-29T05:16:33-05:00 No
harvest moon Go1den 2013-07-29T05:16:33-05:00 2013-07-29T05:32:00-05:00 No
super marisa world Withhelde 2013-07-29T05:32:00-05:00 2013-07-29T06:26:00-05:00 No
dark souls UberGoose PC version any% 2013-07-29T06:26:00-05:00 2013-07-29T07:40:00-05:00 Yes
dustforce Marche_Fighter_Paladin All levels 2013-07-29T07:40:00-05:00 2013-07-29T09:33:00-05:00 No
nimbus Mundungu 2013-07-29T09:33:00-05:00 2013-07-29T09:54:27-05:00 No
braid xfullmetal17 2013-07-29T09:54:27-05:00 2013-07-29T10:39:15-05:00 No
solstice PJ Donations for 100% 2013-07-29T10:39:15-05:00 2013-07-29T11:02:45-05:00 Yes
blaster master UraniumAnchor PAL version - 4-boss route 2013-07-29T11:02:45-05:00 2013-07-29T11:39:43-05:00 No
super ninja-kun romscout & duckfist 2013-07-29T11:39:43-05:00 2013-07-29T12:40:52-05:00 No
rayman origins spikevegeta and friends Multiplayer serious run of the serious ages 2013-07-29T12:40:52-05:00 2013-07-29T15:27:58-05:00 Yes
kirby's dream land TrUShade 2013-07-29T15:27:58-05:00 2013-07-29T15:47:05-05:00 No
kirby's return to dream land kirbymastah 100%. Donations for True Arena and platinum challenge medals. 2013-07-29T15:47:05-05:00 2013-07-29T19:16:03-05:00 Yes
final fantasy iv Brossentia Die Hard% 2013-07-29T19:16:03-05:00 2013-07-29T21:48:00-05:00 Yes
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Mofat Yep, we broke the Final Fantasy ending tradition. Donations for file name 2013-07-29T20:40:00-05:00 2013-07-30T00:40:00-05:00 Yes
finale everyone 2013-07-30T01:48:00-05:00 2013-07-30T01:48:00-05:00 No
notes: 2013-08-11T01:00:00-05:00 2013-08-11T01:00:00-05:00 No
total: 108:48:00 2013-08-11T01:00:00-05:00 2013-08-11T01:00:00-05:00 No

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