Run Index — Summer Games Done Quick 2016

Name Players Description Start Time End Time Bid Wars
Pre-Show SpikeVegeta, feasel, Golden, Darkman78, tonic, Tech Crew 2016-07-03T12:30:00-04:00 2016-07-03T12:57:00-04:00 No
Super Mario Sunshine Any% Bounceyboy 2016-07-03T12:57:00-04:00 2016-07-03T14:31:00-04:00 No
The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Any% Ahamplan 2016-07-03T14:31:00-04:00 2016-07-03T16:11:00-04:00 Yes
Demon's Souls Any% saintmillion 2016-07-03T16:11:00-04:00 2016-07-03T17:32:00-04:00 Yes
Bastion Any% Vs Ng+ Any% Bid War Vulajin 2016-07-03T17:32:00-04:00 2016-07-03T17:55:00-04:00 Yes
Mighty Switch Force! Hyperdrive Edition Ng+ All Hyper Levels TonyOgbot 2016-07-03T17:55:00-04:00 2016-07-03T18:46:00-04:00 No
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Any% Kruncha, NotSoNewby, Enkaybee, michael_goldfish, MooMooAkai, spikevegeta 2016-07-03T18:46:00-04:00 2016-07-03T20:36:00-04:00 No
Metroid Prime Any% JustinDM
2016-07-03T20:36:00-04:00 2016-07-03T22:10:00-04:00 Yes
Catherine Babel - 1 Player, 2 Controllers Ghoul02 2016-07-03T22:10:00-04:00 2016-07-03T22:49:00-04:00 Yes
New Super Mario Bros. Any% altabiscuit 2016-07-03T22:49:00-04:00 2016-07-03T23:24:00-04:00 No
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Any% EeveeSpirit 2016-07-03T23:24:00-04:00 2016-07-04T00:14:00-04:00 No
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 150cc All Cup Tour druvan7 2016-07-04T00:14:00-04:00 2016-07-04T01:00:00-04:00 No
Fast Racing Neo Championship Hypersonic TonesBalones 2016-07-04T01:00:00-04:00 2016-07-04T01:48:00-04:00 No
1080 Avalanche All Match Races Thursday 2016-07-04T01:48:00-04:00 2016-07-04T02:41:00-04:00 No
Tony Hawk's Underground Any% Beginner Fivves 2016-07-04T02:41:00-04:00 2016-07-04T03:32:00-04:00 Yes
The Rapid Angel Any% Ayane CavemanDCJ 2016-07-04T03:32:00-04:00 2016-07-04T04:01:00-04:00 Yes
Crystal's Pony Tale Any% Easy SecksWrecks 2016-07-04T04:01:00-04:00 2016-07-04T04:18:00-04:00 Yes
Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy: The Mis-Edventures Any% Konasumi 2016-07-04T04:18:00-04:00 2016-07-04T04:50:00-04:00 Yes
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Any% pok3monrocks 2016-07-04T04:50:00-04:00 2016-07-04T05:50:00-04:00 No
Barbie Game Girl Any% johncarls 2016-07-04T05:50:00-04:00 2016-07-04T06:07:00-04:00 No
Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos Bandidos Any% Keverage 2016-07-04T06:07:00-04:00 2016-07-04T06:42:00-04:00 No
The Flintstones: The Surprise At Dinosaur Peak! Any% Prince_Leaf 2016-07-04T06:42:00-04:00 2016-07-04T07:05:00-04:00 No
The Land Before Time Any% CardsOfTheHeart 2016-07-04T07:05:00-04:00 2016-07-04T07:29:00-04:00 No
The Incredible Crash Dummies Any% DarkTerrex 2016-07-04T07:29:00-04:00 2016-07-04T07:59:00-04:00 No
The Goonies Ii Any% Dragondarch, Darkwing Duck 2016-07-04T07:59:00-04:00 2016-07-04T08:24:00-04:00 No
Claymates Any% Warpless error72 2016-07-04T08:24:00-04:00 2016-07-04T09:16:00-04:00 No
Actraiser Professional Mode Straevaras 2016-07-04T09:16:00-04:00 2016-07-04T09:51:00-04:00 No
Sparkster Beat The Game Normal Ivan 2016-07-04T09:51:00-04:00 2016-07-04T10:25:00-04:00 No
Hagane Any% Omnigamer 2016-07-04T10:25:00-04:00 2016-07-04T10:47:00-04:00 No
Skyblazer Any% Omnigamer 2016-07-04T10:47:00-04:00 2016-07-04T11:28:00-04:00 No
Mega Man 8 Any% soothingplumtea 2016-07-04T11:28:00-04:00 2016-07-04T12:36:00-04:00 Yes
Mega Man 3 Any% fastatcc 2016-07-04T12:36:00-04:00 2016-07-04T13:23:00-04:00 No
Mega Man 5 Any% almondcity 2016-07-04T13:23:00-04:00 2016-07-04T14:12:00-04:00 Yes
Mega Man 9 Any% usedpizza Bonus run: Mega Man 9 Any% 2016-07-04T14:12:00-04:00 2016-07-04T14:55:00-04:00 No
Mighty Gunvolt All Stages (Beck) Trogdor 2016-07-04T14:55:00-04:00 2016-07-04T15:20:00-04:00 No
Ape Escape Any% Hornlitz 2016-07-04T15:20:00-04:00 2016-07-04T16:27:00-04:00 No
Spyro: Year Of The Dragon Any% wedc517, orsa 2016-07-04T16:27:00-04:00 2016-07-04T17:17:00-04:00 No
Ratchet & Clank Any% Raikaru 2016-07-04T17:17:00-04:00 2016-07-04T18:18:00-04:00 Yes
The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening Dx 100% zorlaxseven 2016-07-04T18:18:00-04:00 2016-07-04T19:58:00-04:00 Yes
The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Any% Zmaster91 2016-07-04T19:58:00-04:00 2016-07-04T22:25:00-04:00 No
Bioshock Any% Blood_Thunder 2016-07-04T22:25:00-04:00 2016-07-04T23:28:00-04:00 Yes
Dishonored Any% DrTChops 2016-07-04T23:28:00-04:00 2016-07-05T00:39:00-04:00 Yes
Wolfenstein: The New Order Any% Blood_Thunder 2016-07-05T00:39:00-04:00 2016-07-05T02:34:00-04:00 No
Amnesia: The Dark Descent Any% Glitchless SavageDreamLord 2016-07-05T02:34:00-04:00 2016-07-05T03:33:00-04:00 No
Star Wars: Dark Forces Any% psychoripper 2016-07-05T03:33:00-04:00 2016-07-05T04:03:00-04:00 No
Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy Padawan Any% CovertMuffin 2016-07-05T04:03:00-04:00 2016-07-05T05:01:00-04:00 No
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Any% glasnonck 2016-07-05T05:01:00-04:00 2016-07-05T06:52:00-04:00 Yes
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist Any% Studio, Shaddex 2016-07-05T06:52:00-04:00 2016-07-05T07:31:00-04:00 No
Jet Set Radio Any% Maxylobes 2016-07-05T07:31:00-04:00 2016-07-05T08:29:00-04:00 No
Oddworld Abe's Oddysee: New'n' Tasty Glitchless Any% Starwin 2016-07-05T08:29:00-04:00 2016-07-05T09:57:00-04:00 Yes
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath Any% Vaati 2016-07-05T09:57:00-04:00 2016-07-05T11:07:00-04:00 No
Curse Of Issyos Any% pcull44444, Mr_Weables 2016-07-05T11:07:00-04:00 2016-07-05T11:34:00-04:00 No
Castlevania 64 Any% ty2358 2016-07-05T11:34:00-04:00 2016-07-05T12:35:00-04:00 Yes
Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow Soma All Bosses _VB 2016-07-05T12:35:00-04:00 2016-07-05T13:33:00-04:00 Yes
Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow Low% Souls romscout 2016-07-05T13:33:00-04:00 2016-07-05T14:17:00-04:00 No
Castlevania: Dracula X Any% Catacomb Shortcut lildingus 2016-07-05T14:17:00-04:00 2016-07-05T14:49:00-04:00 Yes
Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Blindfolded Any % romscout Watch romscout run SotN, blindfolded! 2016-07-05T14:49:00-04:00 2016-07-05T16:19:24-04:00 No
Freedom Planet Milla - Hard Fladervy 2016-07-05T16:19:24-04:00 2016-07-05T17:10:19-04:00 No
Guacamelee: Gold Edition Any% Grimelios 2016-07-05T17:10:19-04:00 2016-07-05T17:55:31-04:00 Yes
Dustforce Dx Ss All Levels Sivade35 2016-07-05T17:55:31-04:00 2016-07-05T19:10:24-04:00 No
Jumper Two Any% Hornlitz 2016-07-05T19:10:24-04:00 2016-07-05T19:40:56-04:00 Yes
Celeste 100% SecksWrecks 2016-07-05T19:40:56-04:00 2016-07-05T19:52:02-04:00 No
Prompt All Keys ChaosArtisan 2016-07-05T19:52:02-04:00 2016-07-05T20:18:00-04:00 No
Escape Goat 2 Any% Vulajin 2016-07-05T20:18:00-04:00 2016-07-05T20:50:00-04:00 No
Super Meat Boy Dark Ending warm_ham 2016-07-05T20:50:00-04:00 2016-07-05T21:47:00-04:00 No
Defunct Any% Celestics 2016-07-05T21:47:00-04:00 2016-07-05T22:16:00-04:00 Yes
Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight Any% Insane 1-Handed Halfcoordinated 2016-07-05T22:16:00-04:00 2016-07-05T23:10:00-04:00 Yes
Cloudbuilt Defiance Any% Wobs23 2016-07-05T23:10:00-04:00 2016-07-05T23:52:34-04:00 Yes
Boson X Any% Aspa ArcanicEight 2016-07-05T23:52:34-04:00 2016-07-06T00:03:38-04:00 No
Braid Any% cwolf20 2016-07-06T00:03:38-04:00 2016-07-06T00:39:50-04:00 No
Contra Iii The Alien Wars Hard Any% TheDrifter18 2016-07-06T00:39:50-04:00 2016-07-06T01:01:48-04:00 No
Demon's Crest 100% LP3Cinema 2016-07-06T01:01:48-04:00 2016-07-06T02:00:37-04:00 No
Dinocity Any% Mecha Richter 2016-07-06T02:00:37-04:00 2016-07-06T02:32:33-04:00 No
Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Any% Kythol 2016-07-06T02:32:33-04:00 2016-07-06T03:45:31-04:00 Yes
Silent Hill 3 Any% Bawkbasoup 2016-07-06T03:45:31-04:00 2016-07-06T04:49:00-04:00 No
Resident Evil 2 Leon B Or Claire B Bawkbasoup 2016-07-06T04:49:00-04:00 2016-07-06T05:53:00-04:00 Yes
Littlebigplanet Any% No-Overlord RbdJellyfish 2016-07-06T05:53:00-04:00 2016-07-06T07:10:00-04:00 No
Burning Rangers Any% soothingplumtea 2016-07-06T07:10:00-04:00 2016-07-06T07:54:00-04:00 No
Bomberman 64 Any% LivelyRaccoon 2016-07-06T07:54:00-04:00 2016-07-06T08:29:00-04:00 No
Donkey Kong 64 Any% 2dos 2016-07-06T08:29:00-04:00 2016-07-06T09:14:00-04:00 No
Wario World Any% Dangerless 2016-07-06T09:14:00-04:00 2016-07-06T10:14:00-04:00 No
Super Mario 64 Ds 50 Star HastyAether 2016-07-06T10:14:00-04:00 2016-07-06T11:29:00-04:00 No
Runny Egg Eggernaut danray 2016-07-06T11:29:00-04:00 2016-07-06T12:05:00-04:00 No
Sonic Colors Ds Any% Diamond 2016-07-06T12:05:00-04:00 2016-07-06T12:47:00-04:00 No
Sonic Riders Heroes Or Babylon Story Celestics 2016-07-06T12:47:00-04:00 2016-07-06T13:19:00-04:00 Yes
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Hero Story Talon2461 2016-07-06T13:19:00-04:00 2016-07-06T14:13:00-04:00 No
Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) Sonic's Story (No Msg) tripl3ag3nt 2016-07-06T14:13:00-04:00 2016-07-06T15:38:00-04:00 No
Metroid Zero Mission Any% MickeyGnou 2016-07-06T15:38:00-04:00 2016-07-06T16:37:00-04:00 No
Donkey Kong Country 3 Any% V0oid, BluntBunny 2016-07-06T16:37:00-04:00 2016-07-06T17:42:00-04:00 No
Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 Any% One Controller GameOfTheWeek 2016-07-06T17:42:00-04:00 2016-07-06T18:12:00-04:00 Yes
Disney's The Little Mermaid Any% johncarls 2016-07-06T18:12:00-04:00 2016-07-06T18:34:00-04:00 Yes
Ducktales 2 Any% Difficult NME 2016-07-06T18:34:00-04:00 2016-07-06T18:51:00-04:00 Yes
Mickey Mousecapade Any% CTConqueror 2016-07-06T18:51:00-04:00 2016-07-06T19:06:00-04:00 No
Hook Any% LivelyRaccoon 2016-07-06T19:06:00-04:00 2016-07-06T19:31:00-04:00 No
Quackshot Starring Donald Duck Any% YellowKillerBee 2016-07-06T19:31:00-04:00 2016-07-06T20:28:00-04:00 No
Tetris Attack V-Hard Darkwing Duck, FFR Pro 21, Edobean, CardsOfTheHeart 2016-07-06T20:28:00-04:00 2016-07-06T21:01:00-04:00 No
Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment Uv-Speed Dime 2016-07-06T21:01:00-04:00 2016-07-06T21:39:00-04:00 Yes
Ultimate Doom Uv-Speed Dime, Tech Crew 2016-07-06T21:39:00-04:00 2016-07-06T22:17:00-04:00 No
Strife Any% Veteran Edition Cubeface 2016-07-06T22:17:00-04:00 2016-07-06T22:41:00-04:00 No
Hexen Any% Cubeface 2016-07-06T22:41:00-04:00 2016-07-06T23:28:00-04:00 Yes
System Shock Enhanced Edition Any% Fearful Ferret 2016-07-06T23:28:00-04:00 2016-07-06T23:54:00-04:00 No
Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death Co-Op Jury Shaddex, DrTChops 2016-07-06T23:54:00-04:00 2016-07-07T00:50:00-04:00 No
Deus Ex Any% Heinki 2016-07-07T00:50:00-04:00 2016-07-07T01:47:00-04:00 No
Jak And Daxter 100% Bonesaw577 2016-07-07T01:47:00-04:00 2016-07-07T04:12:00-04:00 Yes
Klonoa: Door To Phantomile Any% CavemanDCJ 2016-07-07T04:12:00-04:00 2016-07-07T05:21:00-04:00 Yes
Max Payne 2 Any% Dead On Arrival saintmillion 2016-07-07T05:21:00-04:00 2016-07-07T06:07:00-04:00 No
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Any% altabiscuit 2016-07-07T06:07:00-04:00 2016-07-07T06:40:00-04:00 No
Star Fox: Assault Bronze Any% Mr_Shasta 2016-07-07T06:40:00-04:00 2016-07-07T07:40:00-04:00 No
Zelda Ii: The Adventure Of Link Any% Warpless Simpol, Pro_JN 2016-07-07T07:40:00-04:00 2016-07-07T08:54:00-04:00 No
Rygar Any% No Wrong Warp ShiningDragoon, Darkwing Duck 2016-07-07T08:54:00-04:00 2016-07-07T09:33:00-04:00 No
Streemerz 16 Bags Of Ca$H Andy, tonic 2016-07-07T09:33:00-04:00 2016-07-07T09:47:00-04:00 No
Illusion Of Gaia 100% puwexil 2016-07-07T09:47:00-04:00 2016-07-07T12:17:00-04:00 Yes
Shatterhand Any% Klaige 2016-07-07T12:17:00-04:00 2016-07-07T12:46:00-04:00 No
Bionic Commando 100% PJ 2016-07-07T12:46:00-04:00 2016-07-07T13:34:48-04:00 Yes
Ironsword: Wizards And Warriors Ii Any% Skavenger216, feasel, Gyre, JamEvil 2016-07-07T13:34:48-04:00 2016-07-07T13:57:00-04:00 No
Gimmick! Any% Aquas 2016-07-07T13:57:00-04:00 2016-07-07T14:21:00-04:00 Yes
Demon Sword Any% digshake 2016-07-07T14:21:00-04:00 2016-07-07T14:41:00-04:00 No
Gargoyle's Quest 2 Any% RogueLink 2016-07-07T14:41:00-04:00 2016-07-07T15:59:00-04:00 No
Tetris: The Grand Master Series Exhibition Exhibition aperturegrillz, Poochy.EXE, KevinDDR, EnchantressOfNumbers, Qlex 2016-07-07T15:59:00-04:00 2016-07-07T18:29:00-04:00 No
Trials Fusion Community/Ninja/Retro Track Showcase TheBlazeJp, Vantier, TheBoshos 2016-07-07T18:29:00-04:00 2016-07-07T20:18:00-04:00 Yes
The Elder Scrolls: Arena Any% Puri_Puri 2016-07-07T20:18:00-04:00 2016-07-07T20:48:00-04:00 No
The Elder Scrolls Ii: Daggerfall Any% Puri_Puri 2016-07-07T20:48:00-04:00 2016-07-07T21:29:00-04:00 No
The Elder Scrolls Iii: Morrowind All Main Quests AlbinoAlbatross 2016-07-07T21:29:00-04:00 2016-07-07T22:13:00-04:00 Yes
The Elder Scrolls Iv: Oblivion Any% TheFuncannon 2016-07-07T22:13:00-04:00 2016-07-07T22:29:00-04:00 No
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Any% DrTChops 2016-07-07T22:29:00-04:00 2016-07-07T23:34:00-04:00 Yes
Two Worlds Any% Glitched Shaddex 2016-07-07T23:34:00-04:00 2016-07-07T23:50:00-04:00 No
Fallout 3 Any% progamingwithed 2016-07-07T23:50:00-04:00 2016-07-08T00:21:36-04:00 Yes
Fallout 4 Any% BubblesDelFuego 2016-07-08T00:21:36-04:00 2016-07-08T01:34:45-04:00 Yes
Mark Of The Ninja Ng No-Oob Obake Vyreck 2016-07-08T01:34:45-04:00 2016-07-08T02:56:20-04:00 Yes
Crypt Of The Necrodancer Cadence All Zones (Seeded) SpootyBiscuit, mudjoe2 2016-07-08T02:56:20-04:00 2016-07-08T03:22:30-04:00 Yes
The Witness Any% Fearful Ferret 2016-07-08T03:22:30-04:00 2016-07-08T03:52:53-04:00 No
Trine 3: Artifacts Of Power Classic Co-Op Any% progamingwithed, Seak1ng, Fearful Ferret 2016-07-08T03:52:53-04:00 2016-07-08T05:03:00-04:00 Yes
Shantae: Risky's Revenge Any% toucansham 2016-07-08T05:03:00-04:00 2016-07-08T05:33:00-04:00 No
Magrunner: Dark Pulse Any% MattyIce3131 2016-07-08T05:33:00-04:00 2016-07-08T06:32:00-04:00 No
Pause Ahead Any% doubletaco 2016-07-08T06:32:00-04:00 2016-07-08T06:45:00-04:00 Yes
Super Amazing Wagon Adventure Any% Raelcun 2016-07-08T06:45:00-04:00 2016-07-08T07:03:00-04:00 No
Monster Bash Episode 1 Any% CapnClever 2016-07-08T07:03:00-04:00 2016-07-08T07:34:00-04:00 No
Ghostbusters Any% Normal Breakdown 2016-07-08T07:34:00-04:00 2016-07-08T08:10:00-04:00 No
Jewel Master Any% Normal Breakdown 2016-07-08T08:10:00-04:00 2016-07-08T08:28:00-04:00 No
Twinkle Tale Any% Sent 2016-07-08T08:28:00-04:00 2016-07-08T08:56:00-04:00 No
Bubble Ghost Any% Protomagicalgirl 2016-07-08T08:56:00-04:00 2016-07-08T09:16:00-04:00 Yes
Trip World Any% NachoYacopu 2016-07-08T09:16:00-04:00 2016-07-08T09:33:00-04:00 No
Dragon Egg Any% Easy infinitemystery 2016-07-08T09:33:00-04:00 2016-07-08T09:52:00-04:00 No
Ninja Gaiden Shadow Any% Protomagicalgirl 2016-07-08T09:52:00-04:00 2016-07-08T10:12:00-04:00 No
Ultraman Ball Beat The Game Mundungu 2016-07-08T10:12:00-04:00 2016-07-08T10:31:00-04:00 No
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Co-Op Any% swordsmankirby, GravelCrusher 2016-07-08T10:31:00-04:00 2016-07-08T11:09:00-04:00 Yes
Kirby Air Ride Air Ride All Tracks Pearstrike 2016-07-08T11:09:00-04:00 2016-07-08T11:37:00-04:00 Yes
Kirby: Nightmare In Dream Land Any% Mr_Shasta 2016-07-08T11:37:00-04:00 2016-07-08T12:51:00-04:00 Yes
Kirby's Dream Land Any% Protomagicalgirl, TrUShade, eBloodyCandy 2016-07-08T12:51:00-04:00 2016-07-08T13:13:00-04:00 No
Super Mario Land Any% Protomagicalgirl 2016-07-08T13:13:00-04:00 2016-07-08T13:39:00-04:00 Yes
Super Mario Bros. 3 100% CujoIHSV 2016-07-08T13:39:00-04:00 2016-07-08T15:24:00-04:00 No
Super Mario World All Castles xsvArea51, Bramz, truman 2016-07-08T15:24:00-04:00 2016-07-08T16:13:00-04:00 Yes
Super Mario World Low% Low% (Small Mario Only) rezephos 2016-07-08T16:13:00-04:00 2016-07-08T16:42:00-04:00 No
Mega Man Zero 2 Any% tonic 2016-07-08T16:42:00-04:00 2016-07-08T17:53:00-04:00 No
Mega Man X3 100% calebhart42 2016-07-08T17:53:00-04:00 2016-07-08T18:48:00-04:00 No
Mega Man X2 Low% Trogdor 2016-07-08T18:48:00-04:00 2016-07-08T19:41:00-04:00 No
Mega Man Zx Advent Any% (Beginner, Grey) Gymfreak739 2016-07-08T19:41:00-04:00 2016-07-08T21:14:00-04:00 Yes
Super Mario Maker Blind Custom Team Relay Race mitchflowerpower, Andy, xsvArea51, Iateyourpie, pcull44444, usedpizza, Kronicsauce, grandpoobear 2016-07-08T21:14:00-04:00 2016-07-08T22:43:00-04:00 Yes
Pepsiman Any% theboyks 2016-07-08T22:43:00-04:00 2016-07-08T23:21:00-04:00 Yes
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Glitchless Any% dannyb21892 2016-07-08T23:21:00-04:00 2016-07-09T03:10:00-04:00 Yes
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Glitch Exhibition Piticarus 2016-07-09T03:10:00-04:00 2016-07-09T03:49:00-04:00 No
Pikmin All Parts Emily Brooks 2016-07-09T03:49:00-04:00 2016-07-09T05:40:00-04:00 No
Trauma Center Second Opinion Any% Normal Irisjoker 2016-07-09T05:40:00-04:00 2016-07-09T07:19:00-04:00 No
Child Of Light Ng Any% takaze 2016-07-09T07:19:00-04:00 2016-07-09T08:51:00-04:00 No
Final Fantasy Adventure Any% opus 2016-07-09T08:51:00-04:00 2016-07-09T09:49:00-04:00 Yes
Aladdin Any% Ribbedkilla, Countdown42, pcull44444 2016-07-09T09:49:00-04:00 2016-07-09T10:21:00-04:00 Yes
Typing Of The Dead Any% peaches_ 2016-07-09T10:21:00-04:00 2016-07-09T11:04:00-04:00 No
Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction Any% Normal Druid MrLlamaSC 2016-07-09T11:04:00-04:00 2016-07-09T13:13:00-04:00 Yes
Pokémon Red Any% Glitchless Gunnermaniac3, Keizaron, ExtraTricky, Charlie Armitz 2016-07-09T13:13:00-04:00 2016-07-09T15:29:00-04:00 Yes
Pokémon Blue Reverse Badge Acquisition eddaket Pokémon Blue Reverse Badge Acquisition 2016-07-09T15:29:00-04:00 2016-07-09T16:18:00-04:00 No
Tasbot Plays Super Mario Land 2 Memory Tour/Glitchfest dwangoAC, link_7777 2016-07-09T16:18:00-04:00 2016-07-09T16:33:00-04:00 Yes
Tasbot Plays Vvvvvv 20 Trinkets, No Death dwangoAC, Masterjun 2016-07-09T16:33:00-04:00 2016-07-09T17:10:00-04:00 Yes
Tasbot Plays Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 + 3 One Controller Three Games dwangoAC, agwawaf 2016-07-09T17:10:00-04:00 2016-07-09T17:48:00-04:00 Yes
Final Fantasy Vi Any% Sketch Glitch bichphuongballz 2016-07-09T17:48:00-04:00 2016-07-09T22:10:00-04:00 Yes
Super Metroid Any% oatsngoats, sweetnumb, zoast, Behemoth87 2016-07-09T22:10:00-04:00 2016-07-09T23:22:00-04:00 Yes
Super Mario Rpg: Legend Of The Seven Stars Any% LackAttack24 2016-07-09T23:22:00-04:00 2016-07-10T02:50:00-04:00 Yes
Super Mario 64 70 Star Encore 70 Star Puncayshun, Cheese05, Simply, Biinny Super Mario 64 70 Race by Biinny, Simply, Puncayshun, and cheese05 2016-07-10T02:50:00-04:00 2016-07-10T04:00:00-04:00 No

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