Frame Fatales

Flame Fatales 2024 Preparations are heating up!

Frame Fatales' next event will be Flame Fatales 2024, from August 18-25. Run submissions and studio applications will be open May 3-12. To see what runs have been submitted from previous events, check out our submission website!

Flame Fatales 2024 will be benefitting Malala Fund.

The Frame Fatales Community

We have a server focused on comradery, helping each other with tech and speedrunning, and sharing information about speedrunning events and opportunities.

Frame Fatales Community Photo

Game of the Month

Every two months, we vote on a Game of the Month as a community! The first month involves casually playing the game together, then the second month we collect resources and learn the speedrun with the help of an experienced GOTM Game Guide. Past games have included Stardew Valley, Celeste, Hades, Waluigi's Taco Stand, and more!

Randomizer Events

The randomizers channel is an extremely active subset of the Frame Fatales Discord. Members organize weekly randomizer seeds of various games the community wants to play together, in addition to running tutorials to help newcomers. There is also a monthly asynchronous Archipelago Multiworld, where members select from a growing pool of unique games, swap checks between them all, and work together to complete every game!


Frame Fatales typically has two events per year, with Frost Fatales occurring in February/March, and Flame Fatales in August. Past videos from Frame Fatales events can be found on the Games Done Quick Youtube channel.

How Do I Join?

If you would like to join the Frame Fatales Discord server, please send a DM to the Games Done Quick Instagram account, or send an email to